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  • Parenthood 101: Our “Love-It” List

    Mother with babyA new baby brings so much joy and happiness—and often, a serious learning curve. With so much information awaiting new parents, we wanted to provide a few can’t-live-without necessities and tips from the new mothers among our friends and family here at Pharmaca, from helpful toys to homeopathic remedies.

    Safe, entertaining toys

    Toys need to be safe, fun and keep them entertained for long periods of time! For napping or bedtime, marketing manager Cathy turns to Cloud B’s Twilight Turtle. “It’s one of his favorite toys, and also helps my baby sleep!” This plush turtle projects constellations on the ceiling, providing a focal point that relaxes babies and offers a nightlight effect to ease fear of the dark.

    For bath time, choose toys that can’t trap water. “Squirty toys are fun, but they can hold in water and tend to grow mold,” says Tess, mom to 9-month old Hagen. “I like to make sure my little guy’s bath toys are soft and squishy yet sealed, so I don’t have to worry when they inevitably end up in his mouth.” We love Green Sprouts' adorable Stacking Duck Set for bathtime.

    And for on-the-go entertainment, Water WOW! books are inexpensive and mess-free, and feed kids’ creativity anywhere—in the car, on a plane or at the kitchen table. These travel activity books will keep kids occupied for hours with reusable pages and a refillable pen—when your child is done with a page, just erase and start over!

    The daily diaper grind

    In those first months, be prepared to change a LOT of diapers, so think about what kinds of diapers you want to use. If you’re looking for disposables, Seventh Generation offers a convenient solution without fragrances, latex, petroleum-based lotions or chlorine processing. And while the idea of cloth diapers can be intimidating, “It’s easier than you think!” one of our moms insisted. “Try GroVia’s reusable diapers—we’d throw dirty diapers into a bucket with a secure lid and just wash.” A word of warning when going reusable: be sure not to use diaper rash ointments with talc, which creates buildup in the diaper and reduces absorbency. For more on the ins and outs of GroVia’s diapers, check out this handy guide.

    Finally, make sure you’re ready to conquer diaper rash. There are several effective products that our moms recommend to quickly eliminate this uncomfortable skin condition, caused by wetness trapped under diapers. GroVia’s Magic Stick Diaper Ointment works immediately to sooth and clear any irritation caused by diaper rash. And when it comes to cleansing delicate skin, Cathy, mom to 2-year-old Rhone, recommends the Mustela line, in particular their naturally formulated Stelatopia Cream Cleanser.

    On the go

    Traveling with infants can be a challenge, but with a few convenient and packable products, it can be a stress-free experience. Whitney, mom to Avery, made a habit of taking a portable tent from PeaPod with her when leaving the house. The tent provides a comfy and contained environment for picnics in the park and backyard barbeques, allowing your baby to feel nested anywhere. It’s also a great portable sun shade for beach days and sporting events.

    Another key element of travel with children is, of course, snacks. Make sure you’ve always got nutrition in hand by packing it up in Kids Konserve’s stainless steel food containers that are leak proof, insulated and keep food hot or cold for hours. Convenient and durable, these containers ensure you’re always ready to nip hunger pains in the bud!

    Keeping them healthy

    When your little one gets sick, you want access to effective remedies—that are safe and don’t come with side effects. Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be great for just this time in your little ones life. Here are the most popular supplements recommended by our expert parenting panel .

    Gaia Herbs' Sniffle Support, a natural blend of herbs known to support and soothe ear, nose and throat inflammation, is especially helpful for croup, an airway infection that often results in a dry cough.

    Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets work fast to relieve the pain of teething

    Nordic Naturals’ Baby’s DHA encourages healthy eye, brain and heart development, are thought to have calming effects, and come in a convenient dropper

    Speak with a Pharmaca practitioner about other recommendations for newborn necessities.

  • New School Year, Healthier Kids

    It's an exciting time of year--when the thrill of starting a new school year means fun new gear for little ones. Get your kids off to school in style with everything they need for a healthy, happy fall.

    Clean 'em up

    We love the whole line of Clean Kids by Gabriel--from their Germ Busting Soap to their Banana Smoothie Detangler (yum!). Start your kids off right with this essential-oil infused, all-natural body care.

    Give them the right nutrition

    Our practitioners rave about Nordic Naturals' full line of kids' supplements. From their Nordic Berries Multivitamins to their tasty Children's DHA Strawberry liquid, Nordic offers everyday nutrition that your kids will love.

    Protect their skin

    Make sunscreen application a much easier task with Goddess Garden's new Sunscreen Sprays. They're packed with broad-spectrum, SPF 30 protection, and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

    Pack them up

    The littlest school-goers will love Skip Hop's fun insulated lunch bags and wear-proof backpacks, available in whimsical animal shapes (or try their Bento Mealtime Kit, an easy way to pack up little snacks).

    Add a reusable water bottle from Pura Kiki or Earthlust and fill it with water mixed with an electrolyte-infused drink mix. We love the tasty flavors from Ultima Replenishers, a great way to ensure they're getting hydration without the artificial sugar and flavors found in other drink mixes.

    You'll also want to send them off with school supplies from Melissa and Doug-their child-safe scissors and washable markers are an easy, eco-friendly way to equip them for their artistic endeavors.

    Give them style

    Keep wayward hair out of the way and add flair to any outfit with Natural Life's Hair Clips and Bobby Pins. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these accessories will guarantee your little girl will feel one-of-a-kind.

    Boost their immunity

    They're about to come in contact with a lot more germs than they're used to. Give them some extra protection with Pharmaca's Kids' Immune Booster, a well-loved herbal formula that gives their immune system a little extra oomph.

    Help them sleep soundly

    After a long day in the classroom (or on the soccer field), help them rest easy with the sweet sights and sounds of Cloud B's children's sleep products. Little ones clamor over who gets Twilight Turtle, which projects a starry night sky on the ceiling.

    For other great suggestions on getting your child's school year off on the right foot, speak with a Pharmaca practitioner today.  

  • Cloud B Products and Better Sleep for Baby

    Proper sleep is essential for a healthy, developing child. Discover Cloud B’s soothing products, which are specially designed to help children sleep better.

    Created in conjunction with a certified board of pediatricians, Cloud B’s products help soothe the senses by creating a peaceful environment and ease a child’s fear of the dark—perfect companions for your child’s bedside.

    Older children will love Twilight Turtle and Twilight Ladybug, plush toys that project a starry night sky on your child’s bedroom ceiling. Just switch it on and walls are covered with eight actual constellations, which children can learn how to identify with the accompanying illustrated Storybook and Star Guide. Fun for children of all ages!

    To create the most calming sound environment for infants, choose Sleep Sheep On The Go, which can play one of four unique sounds, including gentle stream, spring showers, ocean waves or whale songs. It’s compact enough to take with you whether you’re strolling in the park or on vacation, and ideal to help children get to sleep when they’re in unfamiliar environments.

    Cloud B’s multi-award winning products have become leaders in helping children sleep, allowing both parents and their children to have a good night’s rest.

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