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  • What to Pack: Natural Travel Staples

    You've saved up your vacation hours, booked your flights and packed your favorite books. But have you prepared for the possibility of illness? From crowded airplanes to musty old buildings, vacation destinations also come with a variety of travel concerns. We asked Clare Bauermeister, naturopathic doctor at our Seattle-Wallingford store, to help us prep for any travel eventuality.

    Jet Lag

    "People going to another time zone can really benefit from a sleep aid like melatonin," says Clare. "My favorite is Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep, which also includes 5-HTP and L-Theanine." Clare says you can take these chewables before a long plane flight, or just to help alter sleep patterns to combat jet lag. She said people also have good results with Boiron homeopathic Jet Lag Carekit. And rest easier with the addition of Bucky's travel neck pillows and eye masks, available in stylish prints.


    Eating outside of your comfort zone—whether it's Chicago's deep dish pizza or real German bratwurst—can cause digestive discomforts. To help your body cope, Clare suggests a travel-ready probiotic and a good digestive enzyme. "I always recommend taking a probiotic with you," she says, such as the shelf-stable ones from Culturelle. "It's one of the most highly studied strains of acidophilus for helping prevent and treat traveler's diarrhea." Take these and an enzyme such as Tyler's Similase throughout your vacation, or just when you know a heavy meal is looming. (Click here for more handy digestion suggestions.)

    Sea and Airsickness

    If your travels are taking you out to sea (or even just on a bumpy plane ride), and you're prone to bouts of nausea, take comfort in the stylish designs of Psi Nausea Relief Bands. The bands use adjustable acupressure to calm nausea, offering relief without drugs. "My other favorite thing, for any sort of nausea, is ginger," says Clare. She recommends tucking Reed's Ginger Chews in your purse or carry-on for quick relief.


    From trains to planes to tourist destinations, exposure to crowds can do a number on our immune systems. Start boosting before you take off with Source Naturals Wellness Formula tablets, or WishGarden Kick-Ass Immune herbal tincture. Clare also recommends keeping your nasal passages hydrated with a wash like Xlear Saline Nasal Wash. "When your nose is dried out you often have less protection from microbes, so keep it moisturized," says Clare.

    Respiratory Problems

    As charming as those medieval castles and rural bed and breakfasts are, damp weather and musty buildings can also lead to respiratory problems. If you know you're likely to have trouble breathing, consider Gaia Herbs Respiratory Defense, which Clare says is a great herbal formula that includes oregano, a natural anti-fungal that's good for mildew. For more long-term care, Clare recommends taking Herbs, Etc. Lung Tonic on a continual basis.


    What would vacation be without a little sunburn? Even if you're not headed to the beach, it's good to keep your skin protected whenever you'll be outside. "I love Sanitas Solar Block," says Clare, who always recommends mineral sunblocks. "And of course, reapply, reapply, reapply." When sunburns do strike, however, soothe skin with healing products like All Terrain Aloe Skin Repair or Boiron Calendula Cream. "I like calendula cream for any type of skin condition."

    Stop in to Pharmaca today to stock up on necessities for your next vacation. And thanks to our Facebook fans for contributing their top travel concerns. Want to join the discussion? Like us on Facebook today.

  • Overcoming Holiday Stress

    The holidays are here—and so are the potential headaches from long shopping lines, overbooked party calendars and awkward conversations with distant relatives. If you could use some natural assistance in staying healthy, calm and yes, cheerful this season, Pharmaca has you covered. Yvonne Casaus, herbalist at our Santa Fe location, shared her tips with us.

    Let’s start with supplements. I’ve had a lot of success with the Culturelle Lactobacillus Probiotic, which supports the immune system. One a day goes a long way in boosting the prevention of illness. Holy Basil Leaf by Gaia Herbs is a good option for tired-and-wired feelings. With the stress of the holidays we tend to overexert ourselves, and Holy Basil helps us feel more patient by giving us a sense of extra space. It also helps with mood elevation.

    Maintaining healthy sleep also helps keep holiday stress down, so I suggest Sleep Tonight by Enzymatic Therapy. It’s the only product I’ve found that specifically reduces the cortisol secretions that awaken us in the night when we’re overly stressed, and it also contains ashwagandha to boost long-term sleep.

    Finally, do your best to keep up a balanced diet. This time of year has us craving lots of warming and sugary foods, so a nice way to counteract that is to incorporate more warming red pepper, cayenne, black pepper and cinnamon into your drinks and dishes.

    Now is the perfect time to switch to tea from coffee, which depletes the nervous system and adds tension. For stress modulation, I rely on chai spices to warm my body up and get rid of phlegm, and dark leafy greens for pH balancing. Remember, even people with the best diets stray, but you can help counteract that with balancing ingredients.

    For more advice on keeping your stress levels down and good holiday cheer up, speak with a Pharmaca practitioner today.

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