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Essential Herbs for Summer First Aid


Summer’s not over yet…and neither are our outdoor activities! To get some insight into unique herbal remedies for the bumps and bruises, stings and scrapes that come with outdoor fun, we turned to Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, and member of Pharmaca’s Integrative Health Advisory Board. What should I stock in my herbal first...

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Acne: Triggers, Taboos & Treatments

May 14, 2013
Acne: Triggers, Taboos & Treatments

A pimple is a pimple no matter if you’re male or female, 15 or 55, vegan or full-on omnivore. The root cause of pimples is the same: too much sebum (oil) production, layers of dead skin cells, plugged hair follicles and thriving bacteria. Triggers So what triggers these breakouts? It’s often a mix of...

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