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  • Clarisonic: 6 Secrets to Success

    clarasonic-MiaFront_PinkWe love how the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System makes our skin feel…And how its patented sonic technology gently removes six times more makeup and two times more dirt and oil than manual cleansing...And how it makes our skin care products absorb better….

    But could there be new or better ways to use it? We talked to expert estheticians Jeanette Hickox in Novato and Nicole Mueller in Albuquerque, to get the low down on the best ways to use the Clarisonic.

    1. Choose the best model for your needs.

    • Mia is the simplest to use—one button, one speed. It’s compact and the most affordable.
    • Mia 2 is compact, features two speeds, includes a travel case and comes in lots of fun colors.
    • Aria has 3 speeds and is techno-friendly with its USB-enabled universal voltage charger, making it ideal for international travel.
    • Plus has both face and body modes and brushes (for when you just can’t get enough!).
    • Opal is a palm-sizes sonic serum-infusion device for the eye area that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

    2. Select the right brush head. 

    • Brush Heads come in Delicate, Sensitive, Normal, Acne, Deep Pore and Body versions.  Sensitive is a good one to start with, but a Pharmaca esthetician can guide you to your best choice.
    • We don’t share toothbrushes, so don’t share your Clarisonic brush head. Go ahead and share the device, but make sure everybody gets their own brush.
    • Break out a fresh new brush head every three months.

    3. Use the right cleanser for your skin type.

    It’s best to use a cream-based cleanser to remove oil-based makeup, and a gel cleanser for water-based makeup. Avoid clay cleansers, as the clay can get embedded in your pores if you’re not careful. Here are some customer and esthetician favorites:

    4. Give yourself a healthy glow.

    The Clarisonic does more than just clean. The sonic technology actually improves your skin’s circulation by bringing blood flow to the surface. It provides a gentle lymphatic massage, too. But be sure to let the device do the work—there’s no need to press hard. Just let it gently glide across the skin in a circular motion.

    5. Exfoliate like a pro.

    While the Clarisonic cleans the skin by massaging open the pores and whisking out dirt, it can also be a great exfoliation device, too. Using a scrub with smooth, round exfoliating beads is the key (never use those with rough salt, sand, sugar or ground shells).

    6. Man up.

    The Clarisonic’s techno-vibe appeals to men, too. Of course it’s a superior cleaning device, but it also can provide a closer, more comfortable shave and reduce the incidence of razor irritation and rash. Use it with a gentle shaving gel or cream like Dr. Bonner’s Shaving Gel (try the invigorating Lemongrass Lime scent) or Zia Men Hydra Shave Cream. The brush motion lifts the scruff to seriously prep the beard for a close shave.

    Find your perfect Clarisonic at Pharmaca today!

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