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  • Why We Love jane iredale Cosmetics

    With all of the cosmetic choices available today, it’s nearly impossible to decipher which ones work well and are good for your skin. That’s why we love jane iredale—THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP, and why so many of our team members have made the switch. Here, they talk about their favorite jane iredale products, and the toxic products they left behind.

    Diane, Graphic Designer
    Old favorite: Lancome All Done Up Lipstick
    jane iredale favorites: PureGloss, Lip Fixation (“It’s ridiculous how many lip products I carry around!”)
    “I love how they plump your lips. And they last forever.”

    Jaime, Pricing Coordinator
    Old favorite: Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss
    jane iredale favorites: Lip Fixation, Bitty Brow Kit
    “I love that I only have to apply the Lip Fixation once, and I’m good to go for the day. And the Bitty Brow Kit is one of the only things that’s always in my purse—perfect for shaping any time.”

    Mary, Esthetician, South Boulder Pharmaca
    Old favorite: Cover Girl, other drugstore brands (“I switched around quite a bit before I became an esthetician!”)
    jane iredale favorites: Active Light Concealer, PurePressed Base, Bronzer
    “I use a lot of iredale products. The PurePressed has nice coverage without a heavy look, and the bronzer adds light, natural-looking color. And though I used to have problems with breakouts, my skin has really cleared up since I switched to mineral makeup.”

    Julie, Graphic Designer
    Old favorite: Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss
    jane iredale favorite: PureGloss
    “I love that it doesn’t have anything extra in it it shouldn’t have. Just natural shine!”

    Laura, VP of Marketing
    Old favorite: Stila Cheek Color
    jane iredale favorites: PurePressed Blush, PurePressed Base
    “I feel so much better knowing it’s not toxic, not making me sick. I think my skin looks brighter, healthier and fresher. And I love that it has SPF.”

    Tiffany, Communications Manager
    Old favorite: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
    jane iredale favorites: PurePressed Base, Active Light Under-Eye Concealer
    “I love how light and nourishing they feel—I don’t feel guilty if I need to reapply because I know it’s actually feeding my skin! And the powder is perfect for toning down my naturally shiny skin.”

    Lani, Creative Director
    Old favorite: Laura Mercier Pressed Powder
    jane iredale favorite: Liquid Minerals “I need something extra light, so I mix the Liquid Minerals with my favorite moisturizer from Astara. It gives great coverage that hides blemishes but doesn’t feel heavy. It feels like your face, but better!”

    Donna, Project Manager
    Old favorite: N/A (“It’s been 10 years since I’ve used anything that wasn’t from Pharmaca—I used to buy whatever I thought was pretty!”)
    jane iredale favorites: PurePressed Base, PurePressed Blush
    “Before I started using iredale the liquid makeup always felt so heavy—this just looks so natural. You can’t even feel it but you know you look great.”

    To find your perfect jane iredale product, speak with a Pharmaca esthetician today.

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