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  • Glass, Metal, Plastic? Choosing the Right Water Bottle

    WaterDrop_484x484You know proper hydration is critical in maintaining great health and strong immunity. Water’s multitude of benefits includes increased metabolism, boosts in energy, healthy, glowing skin, and optimal brain and kidney function (and pretty much every other organ in your body!).

    Meeting the recommended 91 oz per day intake of fluids, however, can be a challenge. To get started on the path to better hydration, make sure you’re keeping fluids accessible at all times by getting into the habit of keeping a refillable water bottle nearby.

    When it comes to selecting a bottle, the market is saturated with options. From body construction (plastic, aluminum, steel, glass) to lid technology (widemouth, straw sippers, attached caps and loop-handled tops) and insulation (single-wall to triple-wall insulation), you’ll find an endless variety of brands and features to consider. To simplify your search, we’ve created a list of qualities to consider when picking out your bottle, helping to ensure you’ll find exactly what you need to stay hydrated in the new year.

    1. Easy drinking. Think about your preferred drinking method, and make it as convenient as possible to hydrate properly—would you be more likely to drink through a straw or traditional cap? Though most bottles offer lids with a standard spout, Lifefactory bottles offer a straw top option. (Fun fact: Studies have shown that drinking through a straw can help increase water intake with each sip). Also, look for leak-proof caps to prevent spills—crucial for your bag or near your laptop.
    1. Safety first. You’ve likely heard of concerns over bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make food storage products—including disposable water bottles—since the 1960s. This potentially harmful chemical is thought to leach into water from the packaging source; fortunately, water bottles made with BPA are rare these days (and you’ll only find BPA-free water bottles at and in our stores). Still concerned about plastic? Lifefactory bottles are made with glass to eliminate worries and preserve taste, and are encased in a silicon sleeve for non-slip handling and breakage prevention.
    1. Portability and packability. Consider how and where you’ll be toting your bottle. For use at your desk, a larger 22 oz or 1 L bottle will keep you hydrated throughout the day. For stashing in your purse or pack, Lifefactory offers a smaller 9 oz version of its glass silicon-sleeved bottle—perfect for errand-running or a short outing.Would a handle make you more likely to carry your bottle with you? Lifefactory’s loop bottle cap fits on its 22 and 16 oz bottles, making it easy to carry or attach to a backpack. And if you’ve challenged yourself to increase your water intake significantly, try the 2.2 L Enviro Bottle to hold your entire daily water requirement. The Enviro is perfect for a New Year’s cleanse, long workouts, a day at the beach or camping trips. This hefty bottle also features an attached cap (no more lost caps!), a nylon carry strap for over-the shoulder carrying and a jumbo handle for easy mobility. (Find it in Pharmaca stores).
    1. For the kiddos. To survive around little ones, this bottle has to pass the kid test: leak-proof, spill-proof, shatter-proof—essentially, bombproof. That’s where Kid Basix’s stainless steel Sippy Bottle2 comes in, featuring handles for two-handed holding, a wide and stable base, dust cap to keep the spout clean, nubbed sleeve for no-slip grip, leak-proof and spill-proof construction, and—best of all—a lid that converts from sippy to straw, for when your child decides it’s time to drink like the big kids. For even younger sippers, the Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle provides a clean taste without the worry, in 4 oz and 9 oz versions.
    1. Let’s face it—looks matter. Earthlust’s food-grade stainless steel bottles are available in a range of cool, eye-catching graphics, making them stand out from the crowd. Choose from geometric designs, animal graphics (we like the cool matte black 1 L stallion and the 13 oz parakeet bottles), colorful insects or botanical collections.
    1. Hot and cold. Water bottle technology has advanced significantly, allowing liquids to stay hot or cold for extended periods of time. Pharmaca’s Triple Insulated Hot & Cold Beverage Bottle is great for keeping your coffee hot for up to 8 hours, and features a removable strainer for coffee and tea. It’s even great for soup! But that’s not all—this multi-use bottle also keeps cold drinks cold for up to 36 hours, and the wide mouth easily accommodates ice cubes. The attachable cap makes it easy to prevent lost lids.
  • Kick Off the New Year With a Cleanse!

    featIMGWhy should I consider a cleanse?
    Cleansing can help reduce cravings for unhealthy food and set you up for good eating habits in the new year. Cleansing can also help reduce inflammation, enhance immune function, improve energy and boost overall health. So get the year started off right by breaking those bad eating habits. Who knows—you may even shed a few pounds in the process!

    How do I start?
    First off, eliminate three important toxic offenders: sugar, processed foods and alcohol. A diet heavy in these three can lead to diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular disease, and can be a toxic burden on your liver. Getting rid of them allows your liver to focus on clearing out old toxins rather than processing current ones.

    Next, add these cleansing foods to your shopping list: Brazil nuts, blueberries, broccoli, parsley, cilantro, onions, sesame seeds, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, beets, basil, fennel, avocados, cucumber, hemp, green tea, kale, lemons, olive oil, dandelion leaves, flaxseeds, cabbage, apple, almonds, seaweed, asparagus, artichoke and turmeric.

    Finally, make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids. Many metabolic waste processes need water to function, and water is critical to flush out toxins. In other words? Make water your go-to drink. You can also sip on your favorite herbal tea, or try one that’s meant for cleanses such as Gaia Herbs’ Cleanse and Detox Tea that nourishes the liver and digestive system—and tastes good, too!

    What can I do to support my body’s efforts?
    Pharmaca offers a variety of supplements that can help support your cleanse.

    Thorne Research’s Basic Detox Nutrients is a complete multivitamin with daily detoxifying extras such as green tea, milk thistle, curcumin, broccoli and dandelion.

    Vital Nutrients’ Detox Formula is a unique blend of amino acids and herbs that’ support detoxification, liver and immune function.

    Natural Factors’ Detoxitech Detoxification and Cellular Cleansing features a blend of antioxidants and phytochemicals that support natural detoxification processes and assist in elimination of environmental chemicals and heavy metals.

    Pharmaca’s Liver Cleanse Booster includes herbs that support liver function and cleansing.

    Herb Pharm’s Herbal Detox Compound is a simple but potent herbal detox tincture that’s easy to take even on the go.

    Gaia Herbs’ Liver Cleanse is a proprietary herbal blend to help support and nourish the liver and promote bile production.

  • Don't forget to use your FSA funds before December 31


    If you enrolled in a flexible spending account (FSA) as part of your health coverage in 2014, now’s the time to use up that savings—before December 31!

    By purchasing eligible products with your pre-tax dollars, you can save approximately 20 to 40 percent on out-of-pocket health expenses. However, the "use it or lose it" principle applies to these savings plans. For most, FSA-qualified purchases and expenses must take place before the end of the year, but patients are given a grace period—until March 15 of the following year—during which they can submit their request for reimbursements. (Note: Some providers now offer 15-month FSA cycles; check with your provider to see if you may be able to continue using your funds past the end of of the year.)

    Here are a few common ways to spend FSA dollars:

    • Prescriptions
    • Co-pays for doctor’s visits
    • X-rays and lab tests
    • Dental and orthodontic work
    • Contact lenses and reading glasses
    • Physical therapy, acupuncture and psychologist fees

    By now you probably know that many over-the-counter drugs require a prescription to be eligible for FSA reimbursement. That means if you're used to using your FSA to purchase common allergy meds such as Claritin, acid controllers like Pepcid AC or even common cold and flu remedies like Robitussin, you'll need a prescription.

    That also means that FSA debit cards will not work at the register for purchases of prescription-required items (even if you have a prescription). Just talk to your doctor ahead of time, pay for these items out of pocket and submit a reimbursement claim.

    Read more about eligible expenses, or contact your benefits administrator to learn more about the FSA specifications under your insurance plans. And as always, feel free to ask a Pharmaca practitioner for health advice or product recommendations.

    Creative Commons License, photo credit: bibliojojo

  • Treating Illness During Pregnancy

    Mother with babyPregnancy represents a very unique time in a woman’s life—it’s a time to focus on our physical and emotional wellbeing to ensure the life within is nourished and healthy. But it can also present particular pregnancy-related challenges to the mother. In addition to morning sickness or constipation, pregnant women are also vulnerable to the same common conditions that can happen at any time, such as seasonal allergies, colds and coughs, headaches, insomnia, etc.

    But reaching for the same medications that you’d traditionally use isn’t always safe. Pregnancy is the most sensitive time in human development and since certain substances cross the placenta (and into breastmilk while nursing), women must be careful when it comes to their use of medications and natural remedies.

    Since pregnant women often ask what options are available to them during this time, I thought I'd share a few herbs that I have recommended over the years. As always, if you are pregnant, please speak with your physician, midwife or a qualified health care professional about possible risks and benefits before using any herb, dietary supplement, over-the-counter or prescription medications.

    Colds and Flu

    Prevention is key! Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and take your prenatal vitamin every day, which should provide adequate amounts of zinc and vitamin C to keep your immune system working tip top. Adding more garlic and onions to your soups can also give you an extra edge.

    At the first sign of an upper respiratory infection (URI), make yourself a cup of hot organic ginger tea and add a little honey and lemon. Sip slowly. Drink 1-2 cups per day. Ginger has antiviral activity and is great for relieving sore throat, stuffy nose and congestion.

    In addition, try sucking on one lozenge containing 5 mg of zinc every 3-4 hours for 1-2 days, since studies have shown that zinc can shorten the duration and severity of the common cold.

    Echinacea is also commonly used for URIs, and some studies support its effectiveness if taken early. A thorough scientific review failed to find any adverse events in mothers or babies for women who took echinacea during pregnancy. Just make sure you skip the tinctures containing alcohol and look for a high-quality extract in a capsule, tablet or softgel (and follow the dosing recommendations of the manufacturer).

    Allergic Rhinitis

    Whether from pollen or your favorite cat, allergies can definitely wear you down. Your body perceives relatively harmless substances as dangerous and reacts accordingly. Immune cells mount an attack and chemicals like histamine are released causing you to sneeze, your nose to run and your eyes to water.

    Short of moving to another state or giving away your feline friend, do your best to limit exposures. Using a wet mop on floors and a vacuum with a HEPA filter can be helpful indoors. In addition, invest in a neti pot and use a buffered saline solution every day for one week, and then twice weekly to keep your nasal passages open.

    Researchers have found that compounds within nettle leaves inhibit the release of histamine, which causes nasal swelling and itching. A randomized trial of nearly 100 people found that taking 600 mg a day of freeze-dried nettle was more effective than placebo for relieving the majority of allergy symptoms. Forty-eight percent of the participants stated that nettles equaled or surpassed previous medications that they had taken for seasonal allergies in terms of effectiveness. The good news is that nettle is considered to be safe during pregnancy! It’s important to note, however, that nettle leaf is often combined with quercetin, which has unknown safety at higher doses during pregnancy; stick with 400-600 mg of freeze-dried nettle leaves, 1-2 times per day.


    As pregnancy advances, constipation can become a problem due to hormones and the increasing size of the baby. To ease constipation, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day—adequate liquid intake is one of the best ways to keep your bowels moving regularly! Add some cucumber or berries to your water for interest and flavor.

    Magnesium is a natural laxative and is safe to use during a healthy pregnancy at doses of 300-400 mg at night before bed. Magnesium not only softens stools, but is also highly recommended for the prevention of migraines.

    If you need a little extra relief, try making this prune/bran preparation: Combine 1 cup prune juice, 1 cup bran and 1 cup applesauce, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Take 2 tbsp morning and night with a large glass of water.

    Insomnia and Irritability

    Chamomile is definitely one of my favorite herbs when one is feeling cranky, irritable and out of sorts. It is especially good for those who manifest stress in their digestive system. Chamomile can be safely taken during pregnancy and makes a lovely afternoon or evening medicinal tea.

    For those nights when it’s just really hard to fall asleep, valerian might be a good option. Valerian has been used as a mild sleep aid for centuries and it is not contraindicated during pregnancy by either the German Commission E or the Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd Edition. While available in capsules, there are some very nice high-grade medicinal tea blends that contain tasty combinations of chamomile and valerian. Snuggle up with a good book, warm blanket and sip slowly as you surrender to a great night’s sleep.

  • Healing Waters: 5 Ideas for Restorative Baths

    WaterLegsSometimes the simplest remedies—the ones that have worked for centuries—are the best. The ancient practice of “taking the waters,” what we now call hydrotherapy, works on two levels: The warm water provides a continuous heat source to our bodies, and gently massages as it circulates. And the addition of therapeutic salts, minerals and botanical oils assist in helping soak ailments away. Take advantage of the benefits of hydrotherapy with a few of our favorite add-ins.

    Repair sore muscles
    Weekend warriors (or really any of us who overwork our muscles) can appreciate the soothing properties of a warm soak. To release knots and ease sore muscles, try Kneipp’s Joint & Muscle Arnica Mineral Bath Salt, filled with thermal salts from a renowned underground sea in Germany, as well as arnica, pine and eucalyptus—essential oils known to reduce pain and inflammation. Another easy fix relies on Epsom salts: Add a cup or two of this magnesium-rich salt to bathwater for an easy do-it-yourself spa treatment for achiness.

    Relieve congestion
    Stuffy noses and clogged sinuses open up with eucalyptus oil and steam in a hot bath (or lukewarm if you have a fever). Pharmaca’s Bath Salts in Eucalyptus use eucalyptus essential oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties, and cineole, a component of eucalyptus oil, to reduce mucus production and loosen phlegm. For kids, try Alaffia’s Babies and Up Everyday Shea Butter Bubble Bath in Eucalyptus Mint for a soothing bubbly soak with eucalyptus and spearmint.

    Revive your spirit
    When exhaustion and stress overwhelm you, Boulder-based Esthetician Camille Capone recommends Little Moon’s Tired Old Ass Bath. Nerve-nourishing essential oils like rosemary, vetiver and eucalyptus, plus salts high in trace minerals and iron, rebalance your body and spirit. And if the name makes you laugh, that’s good, too!

    Relax your mind
    Lavender is one of the go-to essential oils that health practitioners use to induce calm, reduce anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing. Ahava’s Lavender Bath Salt is Camille’s recommendation, as its highly mineralized Dead Sea salts smooth skin and natural lavender soothes the brain. To calm your mind before bedtime, or if you have trouble falling asleep, try Kneipp’s Deep Sleep Herbal Bath with Valerian and Hops, an aromatherapy treat that promotes drowsiness.

    Re-moisturize your skin
    Dry, flaky and rough skin gets a good dose of silky nourishment from the sweet almond oil found in Kneipp’s Good Health Almond Blossom Soft Skin Herbal Bath. And for a skin-hydrating botanical treatment, Camille recommends Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Nurturing Bath Essence, filled with pure rose extract and a blend of sweet almond, jojoba and avocado oils. The oils turn into a milky moisturizing bath and rose balances sensitive skin.

    Ask a Pharmaca practitioner for recommendations about transforming your next bath into a healing, restorative experience.

  • Healthy Winter Skin Strategies

    Happy woman outside in winterAh, winter. Season of hot cocoa, warm scarves...and dry skin! But it's not just the skin on our face that can suffer during the season of indoor heat—our feet, hands and lips can also experience extra dryness. Here are a few tips for smoothing, hydrating, sloughing and softening every little part of you.

    First, let's start with the basic rules for staying hydrated during the winter: Drink plenty of water, run the humidifier often and up your intake of omega fatty acids through diet or supplementation. "I recommend fish oil year round, but particularly in the winter because of its healing properties," says Tammara Denninger, esthetician at our new Greenwood Village store. "And I make sure my fish oil has omega-7 in it, which is especially good at feeding and protecting skin."

    So how do we tackle individual dry skin problem areas?


    "People think during winter you don't need sunscreen," says Tammara, "but it's important year round." She recommends Sanitas' Solar Block SPF 30, filled with sun-blocking minerals and hyaluronic acid, which helps bind moisture to the skin. She adds that Solar Block is great for all skin types, from extra dry to skin that's prone to breakouts. And, of course, don't forget about a daily moisturizer that's good for your specific skin type.


    In the height of cold and flu season, it's good to wash your hands frequently. But using hot water—which we have a tendency to do when worried about germs—can strip natural moisture from our hands. Tammara recommends keeping water temperatures to warm, and applying a hydrating cream right afterwards. "I like keeping evanhealy's Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf on hand for extra moisture—hands, lips, heels, everything!" says Tammara. "It's really hydrating, healing and protecting during the winter."


    "I've been really hooked on Pacifica's Color Quench Lip Tint," says Tammara. "It provides a really natural color, but its base ingredient is coconut oil, so it's also really hydrating." And don't forget to apply sun protection to lips as well (try Supergoop's SPF 30+ Lip Balms), since winter sun can do serious damage to the delicate skin.


    Make sure you're exfoliating regularly with a foot file, then slather on a cream infused with shea butter, since that's especially good for the cracked and dry skin you sometimes find on heels and toes--find it in Nubian Heritage's Raw Shea Butter Body Butter.

    Get help nourishing your winter skin from a Pharmaca practitioner.

  • Gifts For Athletes

    For your favorite athlete, healthy happens here this holiday season! Pharmaca offers a wide range of gifts for people who love to push their physical limits.

    Blend it up, shake it up, drink it up

    Pharmaca Blender Bottle + Vega Protein Powder

    For the busy athlete, this clever on-the-go smoothie maker provides fast, delicious nutrition. The Blender Bottle’s spherical metal ball evenly distributes liquids for a rich, nutrient-dense shake! Just fill it with Vega’s tasty Sport Performance Protein—in chocolate or vanilla—packed with the important amino acid tryptophan. Vega’s plant-based protein powder gives athletes the energy to train for optimal fitness, and the great taste and texture is just the cherry on top. Choose between 20 oz and 28 oz bottle sizes.

    Stop, drop and stretch

    Natural Fitness ECO-Smart Yoga Mats

    Get loose and limber with Natural Fitness’ Eco Smart yoga mat. Made with non-toxic Polymer Environmental Resin, this yoga mat finds a balance that’s good for both you and the earth. Perfect for all levels of practice, this cheerful mat brings a pop of color to your down dog, and its non-slip traction helps any yogi maintain a powerful warrior or confident crow pose.

    Natural relief for tired muscles

    Kneipp Arnica Warming Massage Oil

    Regular massage helps athletes stay at the top of their game. For instant muscle relief, this invigorating massage oil includes revitalizing, naturally healing arnica that targets stiff joints and muscles while supporting improved circulation, pain relief and redness reduction. Made with the highest quality raw plant materials, Kniepp blends arnica blossom, ginger and almond to create a hydrating, absorbent oil rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Paired with a therapeutic massage, this unbeatable gift will help your favorite jock stay loose and limber all season long.

    Meet your new favorite water bottle

    LifeFactory Glass Bottle

    Whatever the season, hydration is always a key factor to optimal performance. LifeFactory’s 16 oz BPA-free glass bottle offers pure-tasting water every time, making it easy to drink up. The attractive silicon sleeve provides a non-slip grip, protection from breakage—and a pop of eye-catching color. Take advantage of this bottle’s wide mouth to spruce up your water with ice, fresh fruit or even a tea bag or two.

    Something perfect for the picky

    Pharmaca Gift Card

    Really at a loss for the perfect present? A Pharmaca gift card may be just the thing. Your favorite athlete is bound to find exactly what they want from our broad selection of top-notch supplements, energizing nutritional bars, soothing muscle salves and much, much more!

  • Wedding Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to Perfect Skin, Hair & Nails

    WeddingCouple’ve got the venue, photographer and dress all set, but don’t forget that glowing skin and shiny hair need advance planning, too. With wedding season just months away, here’s what to get started on now to get ready the big day.

    6 months: Get your hair and nails in shape

    Now’s the time to be sure your diet supports healthy hair and nails. Foods rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and zinc are key to fortifying the hair follicle, which leads to healthier hair. Salmon, nuts, legumes and yogurt are especially helpful, and biotin, a B vitamin found in peanuts and almonds, helps nails grow strong, too. For an extra boost, supplement your diet with Enzymatic Therapy’s Biotin Forte with Zinc and Pharmaca’s Omega-3 Clinical Strength Fish Oil.

    3 months: Shine the spotlight on skin

    Camera-ready skin needs to be smooth and glowing. This is the time to faithfully follow an exfoliation and moisturizing routine. Treat oily skin with a gentle exfoliator like evanhealy’s Lemongrass Facial Polish that deep cleans pores and reduces excess sebum and inflammation.

    Follow up with evanhealy’s Lemon Thyme Facial Tonic Hydrosol and Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid to balance and soften skin. Dry or mature skin can improve with weekly brightening treatments like Sanitas’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This mask exfoliates with fresh organic pumpkin and moisturizes with powerful hyaluronic acid and squalane.

    It’s also a good time to experiment with self-tanning lotion so you can execute an expert sun-kissed look on the wedding day. The key to a streak-free finish? Gentle exfoliation before application of a self tanner. Try Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub to polish skin with natural plant wax pearls, then apply jane iredale’s Tantasia Self Tanner for natural-looking color (and no smelly self tanner scent!).

    1 month: Make those makeup decisions

    Makeup experts like the estheticians at Pharmaca can help you choose the right products for a natural, picture-perfect look. Makeup primers, for example, can keep you shine free and extend the life of your makeup. Jane iredale’s Absence Oil Control Primer is a colorless base that prevents oiliness and your makeup from changing color throughout the day. For creaseless eye shadow, blend jane iredale’s Lid Primer in Canvas or their Eye Gloss in Pink Silk over the entire lid before applying eye shadow.

    And don’t forget to shape your brows! Get help from an esthetician at Pharmaca, or read more about strategies for creating the perfect arch.

    1 week: Put together your emergency kit

    Having a kit with your essentials nearby can ease some wedding day stress from last-minute snafus or makeup problems. Facial powder, concealer, lip gloss, deodorant, floss, an energy bar, safety pins and a mini sewing kit are all good ideas. Pack them all in a cute bag like Danica’s Ephemera Linen Cosmetic Bag. These bags are thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids, too!

    1 day: Pamper

    Feeling a little jittery? Calming lavender to the rescue! Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with Pharmaca’s Lavender Bath Salts, or a luxurious hair treatment with John Masters’ Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner. A pampering way to put you in just the right mood.

    Wedding Day: Relax and enjoy the fruits of your preparation. Congrats!

  • 6 Great Gifts For Him

    No ties or socks here! For the men in your life, these unique yet practical gift suggestions offer something for everyone.

    Mountain man necessities—just add flannel

    Every Man Jack Cedarwood Set

    The woodsy, fresh scent of cedarwood is alive in this manly gift set, featuring a full-sized, aluminum-free deodorant, moisturizing face lotion, fragrance-free SPF 15 lip balm, and a rich foaming body wash. Gift ready and packaged in a reusable pail, this grooming kit features everything he needs to smell like a crisp winter walk in the woods.

    High-style grooming

    Kikkerland Crane Nose & Facial Hair Scissors

    The unique crane-shaped design of these scissors makes the task of trimming a little less tiresome! Kikkerland’s stainless steel blades get the job done while its smartly rounded scissor ends prevent painful mistakes. Whether he’s trimming the tree or carving turkey, he’ll look sharp throughout the holidays with this durable and dignified grooming tool.

    Give him his beauty sleep

    elizabethW Sleep Mask in Grey

    Planes, trains and automobiles—elizabethW’s sleep mask goes anywhere, helping to make his holiday travel a little more relaxing. An adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit, and with a sophisticated grey wool on top and grey silk on the inside, this sleep mask looks good, feels good and keeps the distractions out.

    Hydration for the holidays

    Earthlust Water Bottle

    Hunting for the perfect water vessel? Bag this buck while staying hydrated with a BPA-free, food grade stainless steel 1 L bottle, featuring a clip-friendly screw top and cool stag graphic.

    For a restful night’s sleep (even on Christmas Eve)

    BackJoy Sleep Sound Pillow

    The gift of a good night’s sleep is never overrated. This self-adjusting memory foam pillow supports optimal alignment for head and neck, while a down layer provides cozy comfort for the perfect night’s sleep. Hypoallergenic and features a washable cover.

    Drinks stay hot while looking cool

    Pharmaca Double Barrel Insulated Mug

    For on-the-go sipping, Pharmaca’s insulated travel mug keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot—for up to six hours! The solidly snug lid keeps liquids in their place, while the barrel-shaped design does its job of looking good. From hot toddies on your weekend camping trip to coffee on the way to work to your afternoon iced tea, just about any drink flies in this double-walled barrel mug.

  • Six Best Gifts Under $20

    From hostess gifts to stocking stuffers, these six gift ideas will make holiday giving a breeze. For a bit of cheer this season, these well-priced products are also perfect as hostess gifts, the office Secret Santa exchange—even as a little treat for yourself.

    Scented soaps that smell good enough to eat (but please don’t)

    Caldrea Hand Soap in Glass Bottle

    No one can resist the unique, freshly scented soaps produced by the good people at Caldrea. Refill this beautiful, decorative glass bottle with your favorite scent—Basil Blue Sage, Lavender Pine, Ginger Pomelo or Sea Salt Neroli—and make handwashing a joyful experience this holiday season.

    (Shea) Butter up, buttercup

    Pre de Provence Butterfly Hand Cream Gift Set

    Pre de Provence products are well known for their buttery, moisturizing magic. This hand cream set showcases their most delicious scents—Original, Lavender and Verbena—in stowable sizes for handbags, car consoles and desk drawers. In between snowball fights and decorating the tree, Pre de Provence’s 20 percent shea butter formula will provide long lasting protection and a silky, soft finish.

    Classic colors for festive nails

    Deborah Lippman Jazz Standards Gift Set

    Primed to party, this glittering nail color duo makes a stylish gift. Classic red and glittering ruby are gorgeous layered, or work alone for glamour. This fabulous set is perfectly packaged in a petite ruby red clutch, and brings a touch of sparkle and cheer to any look this holiday season.

    The traveling spa that fits in your stocking

    SpaRoom Travel Aromafier

    Traveling for the holidays? Bring the comforts of home with you by packing this portable Aromafier, which runs on batteries, AC adapter, or plugs into any available USB port. With a few drops of essential oils, this mini aromatherapy diffuser creates a soothing, tranquil space, wherever you may be.

    Comfort for tired eyes

    ElizabethW Eye Pillow

    Like portable blackout shades for your eyes! Packable and travel-friendly, this silky eye pillow is filled with flaxseed and lavender to lull you into a deep, restful sleep.

    Big Dipper Sphere Holiday Flourish Candle

    Light the way home for the holidays

    Big Dipper Beeswax Holiday Sphere Flourish Candle

    Not your ordinary candle, the Big Dipper Holiday Sphere is made with non-toxic and sustainably produced beeswax, with an intricately carved design that’s beautiful even unlit. With a 50-hour burn time, this unique candle will burn brightly throughout the holidays, and the natural, chemical-free formula will fill your home with a subtle honey scent—and help improve air quality.

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