Mission & Values


Pharmaca is the trusted source for integrative wellness solutions. We offer an open-minded approach to medicine and inspire health in the lives of our customers, ourselves and the world.


We are at the forefront of natural health and beauty innovation, delivering true alternatives into the hands of consumers. We offer superior quality products that foster the rejuvenation of the whole person. Ours is an open-minded approach to wellness, reflected in the integrated mix of choices on our shelves.

As individuals, we are passionate and productive, and are responsible for bringing a positive attitude to the workplace. As a team, we work together to generate synergy, creativity and fulfillment. With our customers, we listen intently, share our wealth of knowledge and build caring relationships. It is our top priority to provide exceptional, personalized service.

Pharmaca is a place where customers can find healthy products, as well as education, inspiration and relaxation. We create a welcoming environment for everyone who enters our doors. “You are welcome” isn’t just a response to “Thank you,” it’s how we feel about each and every customer.

The world is our community. We are devoted to our neighborhood and our planet, pursuing new ways to bring balance, peace and wellbeing to all living things and all aspects of our natural world.

We extend our core values beyond the boundaries of the store, helping to make the world a healthier place for everyone. That means using sustainable materials in the construction of our stores, including recycled carpet tiles, bamboo flooring, energy-efficient lighting and low-VOC paint. We are also proud to carry products from companies that have signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, knowing that what goes on the skin goes into the body, and what comes out of the bottle goes down the drain.

We are collectively responsible for the health of our bottom line. We know our work has great value, and our success ensures the continued wellness of our customers and rewards our stakeholders and team members fairly.

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