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About Aloe Life

Aloe Life is dedicated to aloe and the support it gives to kids, adults and even pets—to look and feel their best! Since 1991, Aloe Life products have been made with certified organic aloe leaves, processed with care; not over-heated, over-filtered or diluted. The juice is then gently concentrated, which makes a big difference! Concentrated products last longer because you use less but receive more benefit. You can taste and feel the difference of Aloe Life supplements and personal care products more remarkably than any other products on the market today!

Aloe Life Product Information

Why is Aloe Life #1 in quality organic aloe?

Best Taste

  • Customers love the taste of Aloe Life products, which encourages regular daily use.

Certified ActivAloe

  • Low heat ensures high-quality polysaccharides to support body wellness.

Certified Organic Leaves

  • Harvesting organic whole leaves is the first step in a natural production process.

Gold Yellow Sap Content

  • This naturally occurring color from the plant confirms the higher value of actives.

Aloe Life received Best Results from third-party testing

Testing was conducted on 18 bottles of Aloe Vera Brands sold through quality health food stores. The graph below depicts actual test results omitting only repetitive results for easy comparison analysis:

Aloe Life Achieved Best Results

Why Aloe?

Why Aloe Image

Aloe vera has been known as the “first aid plant,” and was even called the “plant of Immortality” by the ancients—its first documented use dates back some 4,000 years ago. Traditional use appeared to be most effective when it contained the yellow sap and gel together. Internally and topically it may support digestive issues, bloating, gas, regularity, hemorrhoids, immunity, fever, allergies, cleansing, energy, congestion, joints, headaches and an array of skin issues.

Scientists have identified many of the plant’s phytonutrients that explain how it works. Actives pinpointed include polysaccharides, glycosides, sterols, saponins, gibberellins, salicylic acid, minerals and more. This explains why quality aloe supports whole-body wellness for kids and adults.

Why Aloe Image 2

Detox and cleansing is essential for health; aloe vera supports the elimination of waste from the body and repair of aging cells. Drinking water, eating vegetables and fruits are vital, but the addition of aloe can serve as a catalyst to much faster results.

Popularity peaked in the USA in 2009 and continues to be one of the top five herbal super foods purchased at health food stores. But there’s a big difference in the aloe vera products on the market—Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice concentrates, tablets and topicals by Aloe Life are most effective because they are made with minimal processing, leaving more of the medicinal dark yellow sap and other actives.

Aloe Life in the Press

Learn more about Aloe Life with this interview with Aloe Life president Karen Masterson on Forever Young Radio.

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