Bach Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml

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Rescue Remedy has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience tension and pressure. It has also been used successfully with children to stop a tantrum before a speech or job interview. Rescue Remedy helps us relax get focused and get the needed calmness.

Bach Rescue Remedy Spray is for times to help balance the emotions relieve stress and reduce fear and nervousness.

Bring spray nozzle up to mouth and apply 2 sprays onto the tongue.
5X of combined Malus Pumila HPU.S. Helianthemum Nummularium HPU.S. Clematis Vitalba HPU.S. Impatiens Glandulifera HPU.S. Prunus Cerasifer HPU.S. Ornithogalum Umbellatum HPU.S.
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