Badger Foot Balm Tin 2 oz

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Foot Balm 2 oz Tin
Certified Cruelty Free Non-GMO Certified Organic Paraben Free

Long-Walking Lonesome Bob Badger says "Two paths diverged in the woods and I... I took both of them... but I couldn't have done it without my Foot Balm." Yellow-gold in color minty cool and invigorating it helps to revive tired feet. The Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils have anti-fungal properties while the Mint and Rosemary are also anti-bacterial. Nice fragrance! So Foot Balm is ideally suited for soothing smoothing and healing your dry sore tired hard working hard walking feet.

Rub it in.
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil *Castor Oil *Jojoba Oil *Golden Yellow Beeswax and Essential Oils of *Rosemary *Peppermint *Balsam Fir *Eucalyptus *Tea Tree & *Cardamom. * = Certified Organic
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