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Coola's quest is to spoil your sometimes finicky, always worthy skin with the most pure, eco-conscious products possible. After all, you may obsess over what you put in your body, but think about what you put on it. Coola consciously chose to develop their line using ingredients that are organic, sustainable and locally sourced, much like the foods we prefer to eat. Green, yet still luxurious, each of their products will protect and nourish your skin with vitamins, natural protectors and age-defying antioxidants.

Coola offers three distinct lines of certified organic sun protection, including the new Plant UV line and recently reformulated Mineral and Classic collections. Each line is formulated with different active ingredients and offers unique products, such as our award winning Mineral Baby or best-selling Classic Face Cucumber. They also just launched the Environmental Repair Plus line (ER+) for pre + post sun skin care. When it comes to organic and natural sun protection, Coola has you covered!

Coola's products are up to 97 percent certified organic and are manufactured using solar power. In addition, Coola adheres to a strict sourcing policy for local ingredients and vendors.

Coola Product Information

Mineral Sunscreen

Coola Mineral Sunscreens contain non-nano sized mineral (physical) actives zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. They formulate their mineral sunscreens uniquely, separating and encapsulating each active ingredient in an effort to keep them equidistant from each other. This equal dispersal provides not only the most transparent application, but also the best protection, as the active particles evenly reflect UV rays. These lightweight lotions are reef-friendly and include formulas that are water resistant up to 80 minutes.


Coola Classic Sunscreens contain the latest FDA approved non-mineral (chemical) actives, but Coola's active levels are as low as one seventh of their competitor's levels. They achieve this reduction through the use of natural phyto-protectors (derived from ingredients like plankton) and a recently patented organic emulsifier Hydresia O, extracted from safflower oil. Coola Classic Sunscreens are the EWG's highest-ranking non-mineral lotion and spray sunscreens. These prestige, weightless formulations include options that are water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Plant UV

The future of sunscreen, featuring Coola's trademarked Plant Protection™ technology. Both the face and body formulations contain recently patented SPF-enhancing plant stem cells (derived from Buddleja Davidii stems and the lilac leaf), as well as non-nano sized zinc as an active ingredient. These transparent lotions are preservative free, reef-friendly, and water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

Coola Awards

Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF 35 - Citrus Mimosa

Flare Awards Badge
Vogue Awards Badge
Sheen Awards Badge

Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF30 - Pina Colada

Elle Awards Badge
Shape Awards Badge
Lucky Awards Badge

Sport Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF45 - Unscented

Oxygen Awards Badge
Us Weekly Awards Badge
Us Weekly Badge 2

Sport Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF45 - Mango

Mango Awards Badge
Fitness Awards Badge
Women's Running Awards Badge

Plant UV Face Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF30 - Unscented

Allure Awards Badge
EWG Award Badge

Liplux Lip Balm SPF30

Fitness Awards Badge
Vogue Awards Badge

Face Sunscreen Moisturizer Cream SPF30 Unscented

Self Awards Badge
About Awards Badge

Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 - Unscented Matte Tint

New Beauty Award Badge
New Beauty Award Badge 2

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