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Naturally soothing sensitive skin since 1743

About Crane USA

Since 2005, Crane USA has been putting the “fun” into home appliances by following a simple mantra: Design for Better Living. Combining best-in-class performance, energy efficiency and safety with a unique and distinctive style, Crane’s award-winning designs embody the belief that the home is an expression of your personal lifestyle.

Find Crane’s unique designs in a variety of home appliances, including humidifiers, vaporizers, heaters and air purifiers.

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Crane Awards

Baby Maternity Magazine
Top Choice Award 2014

Crane Baby Maternity Magazine Award Winner

What To Expect
Moms Love It Award 2014

Crane What to Expect Award Winner

The Cribsie Awards
New Arrival Winner 2014

The Cribsie Awards Award Winner

Consumer Reports
Best Products of the Year

Crane Consumer Reports Award Winner

Parent Tested Parent Approved
Award Winner

Crane Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winner

Housewares Design
Awards Finalist 2011

Housewares Design Award Winner

Crane Articles

Crane Humidifiers for Newborn Health
Learn more about how Crane humidifiers help newborn babies breathe more clearly.

Crane’s Humidifiers: A Model for Sustainability and Healthy Living
Read about how Crane's sustainable practices reduce emissions and protect the planet for
generations to come.

Just Add Vinegar: Cleaning Humidifiers with Crane
Want to know how to clean your new Crane humidifier? It's easy when you follow these steps!

Crane Testimonials

Raves from Crane customers

“My Crane Humidifier helps me and my baby breathe during dry winter nights.”

“Crane products are fantastic quality and help my kids sleep so much better!”

“It’s reassuring to know that our humidifiers come from a company that truly cares.”

“Crane becomes part of the décor.”

“A humidifier is a must-have item, and Crane has the coolest ones!”

Raves from health professionals

“Crane products combine quality and attractiveness and provide an effective intervention for cough and cold symptoms without side effects or undue expense.”
—Joel Walker MD FAAP FACP

“Crane makes the best cool mist humidifiers for children, which saves doctors and patients from using medications that are not perfectly safe, especially for infants and young children.”
—Mark Lessner, MD

“Crane humidifiers are one of my first interventions for nasal congestion.”
—Sharon Berman, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

“I love MY Crane humidifier and often tell my patients about them!”
—Maureen Shifflett, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

“I really push Crane humidifiers during my school physicals. Since I do not see parents in early winter, they appreciate the "heads up" to prepare for the winter season. Interesting how many college students take my suggestion for humidification in their dorm room...”
—Dr. Michael Blum

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