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Dr. Hauschka creates natural skin care & beauty products that are carefully formulated to retain the essence and energies of their all natural and organic ingredients. Pharmaca carries a huge selection of Dr. Hauschka’s most popular products, including their rose day cream, cleansing milk, deodorant, foundation, lipstick and makeup. See what we have available from Dr. Hauschka online, today!

About Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Dr. Hauschka empowers you to care for the health of your skin naturally—and awaken your beauty, both inside and out.

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When you use Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, your skin awakens to radiance.

  • For more than 45 years, Dr. Hauschka has grown and sourced the highest quality botanicals, harvesting them at the peak of their potency to harness the vitality of the living plant and deliver it through their products.
  • The result is a line of highly effective preparations that are carefully formulated to retain the essence and energies of their natural ingredients. These properties are then transferred to your skin, imbuing it with beauty, life and vitality.

Skin care that respects and supports your skin' s natural processes.

  • You will immediately see and feel a difference in your skin upon beginning a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care regimen.
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care works in concert with the skin's own processes, guiding it to a healthy, balanced state.
  • Mature and dry skin conditions are rejuvenated and replenished to promote tone, resilience and elasticity.
  • Sensitive skin is soothed, nourished and protected for an even, comfortable complexion.
  • Oily, blemished skin is stabilized for greater balance and clarity.

Company History

Born in 1891 in Austria, chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's great passion was exploring the big questions of life, such as What is it to be?, What is matter? and What is energy? Upon meeting renowned philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Hauschka asked the educator the ultimate question: "What is life?"

Dr. Steiner's response came in the form of a mission: "Study rhythm," he said, "Rhythm carries life." Inspired by these words, Dr. Hauschka looked anew at the life and energy of the natural world and saw the presence and influence of rhythm in all living things.

With the goal of harnessing the plant world's healing capabilities in effective natural medicines, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka conducted a rhythm-based experiment. He exposed rose petals to the natural polarities of warmth and cold, light and darkness, and motion and stillness, and discovered that through a unique process of "rhythmical processing" he was able to create a water-based rose extract that remained stable for more than 30 years.

Using this rhythmical processing method, Dr. Hauschka began creating botanically based medicines.

In 1935, as his work progressed, Dr. Hauschka and colleagues founded the holistic pharmaceutical company WALA Heilmittel with the mission "to support the healing of humanity and the earth." WALA began the manufacture of plant- and mineral-based medicines. "WALA" is an acronym for the process by which Dr. Hauschka developed his rhythmical processing method: Warmth, Ash, Light, Ash.

In the 1950s, WALA Heilmittel established its own biodynamic garden to provide ingredients for its products—a garden that thrives to this day, providing botanical ingredients for WALA's medicines as well as Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.

In the early 1960s, esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund recognized the power of rhythm and traditional herbs in guiding skin to a healthy, beautiful state. She was also very interested in the role the lymphatic system played in skin health. Ms. Sigmund found that incorporating some of Dr. Hauschka's plant-based medicines into her skin care treatments proved highly effective and she wrote Dr. Hauschka to share her results. This sparked a collaboration to develop a line of holistic skin care products and methods, and in 1967, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was introduced.

In 1969, Elisabeth Sigmund introduced her unique treatment methods to the WALA community, developing the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment, the basis for all Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatments to come.

Today, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care includes more than 50 products for the face, body, bath and hair, as well as decorative cosmetics, and is sold in more than 40 countries internationally.

What Makes Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Different?

  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care chemists and estheticians draw on more than 45 years' experience in formulating the purest, most effective natural skin care preparations available. Founded in 1967 by Esthetician and Formulator Elisabeth Sigmund and Chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, based on the knowledge that skin health is the key to lasting beauty.
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care supports the skin's natural processes of cleansing, oil production and renewal to transform skin to a healthy, radiant state. Dr. Hauschka products neither mask skin symptoms nor repress its processes.
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products capture the vitality of the highest-quality biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested plant ingredients and deliver it directly to the skin:
  • Ingredients are prepared using all or some of the original rhythmical processing methods developed by Dr. Hauschka in 1920s.
  • We never use synthetic preservatives to keep products fresh.
  • Formulations are prepared and packaged in our pharmaceutical-level facilities to ensure product purity and effectiveness.

Dr. Hauschka in the press

April-June 2014
Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara
"Have sensitive eyes? This volumizing mascara adds fullness with soothing ingredients like beeswax, rose and black tea."

March 2014
Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Moisturizer
Big Day Beauty Awards 2014: “Not only is the floral fragrance of this skin soother to die for, but it also ‘really works and protects against harsh elements,’ says a fan.”

Spring 2014
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream
Selected as one of Jones magazine’s “Revolutionary products and treatments that help turn back the clock on aging to reveal timelessly beautiful skin.”

February 2014
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk
“It seems to melt into skin, gently wiping away makeup and dirt without even the slightest hint of dryness or irritation. It's an especially great nighttime cleanser: The moisturizers (like jojoba and almond oil) coddle skin while you sleep, and the calming scent helps you unwind.”

January 2014
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream
“Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream’s all-natural formula smells like a Valentine's Day bouquet, and moisturizes enough for Polar Vortex dryness, imparting a dewy (never oily) finish.”

October 31, 2013
Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil
The Best Oils for the Body: “In the winter, body oil can be a lifesaver, but it also works well in the summer, when a heavy body butter is just too much. The lightweight consistency sinks right in, calms irritated skin and gives legs a subtle, sexy sheen.”

October 2013
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Mask
“Soothing Mask calms and fortifies sensitive skin prone to redness. The result is calm and comfortable skin. Take advantage of this opportunity to set the tone for a feel-good day.”

September 2013
Dr. Hauschka Black Eyeliner
2013 Makeup Beauty Awards Winner: “This synthetics-free eye pencil has built-in staying power. We’re in agreement with our reader testers who raved about ‘sharp’ color that didn’t look ‘harsh.’ The liner glides on without a single bump and stays in place for hours.”

July 2013
Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick
2013 Green Star Award Winner: “While some concealers aggravate spots, Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick works to camouflage redness while treating blemishes without overdrying.”

July 2013
Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint
"Add a pump or two of Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate to your daily facial sunscreen for a touch of color, or smooth the liquid straight onto skin for more intensity."

June 2013
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream
"This intensely moisturizing cream renews skin's appearance by reducing fine lines and invigorating skin's natural processes of regeneration."

May 2013
Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream
"At some point after my pregnancy is over, I'm looking forward to getting back to my favorite products—but I'm also planning to stick with many of my thoughtful new beauty discoveries. Baby or not, they make me feel better about the ingredients that I may be absorbing through my skin."

March 2013
Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil
"Before trying this product, I hadn't concluded that anyone would actually want to switch from a lotion to an oil. Then, a few drops of this 'normalizing' blend of apricot, peanut, carrot, sunflower, and other oils made my dry skin look fresh while eliminating most of grossness from that T-zone area dermatologists always signal out."

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