Dr. Mercola Fermented Beets with Red Spinach 60 capsules

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Nitric oxide, or NO, is a gas that plays an important role in supporting normal circulatory functions within the cells that line your arteries and protecting your cells' powerhouses or mitochondria.*

The NO your body produces helps widen the diameter of your blood vessels to allow a greater volume of blood to flow through, providing oxygen and nutrients to your brain and other organs. Healthy blood flow is essential for energy production and overall well-being.

In recent years, whole-food sources of nitrates, or the building blocks for NO production within your body, have been identified. While many have turned to beet juice to promote healthy NO function for their energy and mental focus, another nitric oxide-boosting, whole-food source has been discovered that offers more than 50 times the amount of nitrates as beet juice – red spinach.

Our Fermented Beets with Red Spinach provides a standardized dose of 30 mg of healthy nitrates from red spinach, or the leaves of the amaranth plant. The addition of specially fermented beet powder provides an additional excellent source of plant nitrates without the high sugar content of regular beet powder.

Fermentation has been shown to change the nutritional makeup of foods by how it:

Helps pre-digest ingredients.*
Increases levels of certain nutrients.*
Improves mineral bio-accessibility.*
Increases bioavailability of antioxidants.*
Creates unique metabolites.*
By promoting healthy nitric oxide function and healthy blood flow throughout your body with our Fermented Beets with Red Spinach, you can potentially reach levels of mental focus that you've never before attained – or regain the type of energy of years past.*

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Dr. Mercola Fermented Beets with Red Spinach 60 capsules

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