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Melinda Olson, Earth Mama Founder

From the positive test to the big push, from the first latch to the thousandth diaper, Earth Mama effectively supports the miraculous wonders and common indignities of motherhood with effective, natural herbal care. Trusted by doctors, midwives, neonatal intensive care units, lactation consultants and mamas worldwide, Earth Mama combines generations of women’s wisdom with traditional plant medicine to formulate certified organic herbal tea, natural deodorant, soaps, balms, lotions, soothing sprays and the first Non-GMO Project Verified nipple cream. They’ve been safely nurturing mamas since 2002—and they wouldn’t do it any other way.

Earth Mama's mission

Earth Mama believes in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature. Their mission is to provide safe, herbal remedies for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to educate people about traditional plant medicine.

Earth Mama relies on plant wisdom that has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter, combining that wisdom with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence-based research.

Earth Mama Product Information

Earth Mama Organics makes effective, organic and natural herbal care for the whole journey of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby care.

Mama's standards
Product safety is the highest priority at Earth Mama HQ. Every product is made with only natural, organic and worry-free ingredients. They continually refine products as organic ingredients or more efficient herbs become available.

Clinically tested, certified organic, Non-GMO Verified
If Earth Mama makes a claim, they back it up with honest, clear labels. Their organic products are certified by Oregon Tilth, and GMO-free products have been Non-GMO Project Verified. They’ve tested soaps for efficacy, and balms for irritants. It’s an extra step, but Earth Mama believes in third-party verification so consumers know exactly what they're buying.

Research and education
Earth Mama’s mission is to constantly research, test and refine products, and educate people about the safe use of herbs and ingredients in their personal care products.

Earth Mama believes in protecting all mothers, including Mother Earth. Earth Mama chooses green and toxin-free business practices because they have a company-wide commitment to honor the earth and her valuable resources. They even have a BRAG award for green business practices.

What is Mama's Promise®?
Mama's promise is to offer only safe, pure, natural products that work. If it doesn’t measure up to Mama’s standards, it doesn’t leave the building. Promise.

Earth Mama Testimonials


Belly Butter Earth Mama

"I have pretty much lathered myself up with this lotion day and night after every shower and bath since my belly started stretching at the beginning of this trimester. It smells so fresh and is lightweight and non-greasy. I love climbing into bed having coated my torso in its deliciousness! Plus I have not had any dry skin, stretch marks or night body itches so far, so it's definitely doing something right!!"
-Collette C.


Herbal Perineal Spray

"The Herbal Perineal Spray is an absolute must-have for any pregnant mama. I started using this in the hospital right after giving birth (and I mean right after!) and it's amazing how soothing and comforting it was. A quick spritz and there's immediate relief, not to mention all of the healing benefits it provides. And I love the fact that it applies with a gentle spray, so there's no need to irritate sensitive areas! Love, love, love it!"
- Reichel B.


Booby Tubes

"As a first-time mom, breastfeeding has been quite a challenge. I don't know if I could have felt as supported without my Booby Tubes! They have offered me relief before and after so many feedings. Not only was the cold or the hot a relief, but the smell was so comforting. I am planning to send all of my girlfriends a set when I find out they are pregnant. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!"
- Chrissie W.


Earth Mama Non-scents Baby Lotion

"So thrilled that Earth Mama finally offers its classic baby lotion in an unscented version! It's very light and non-greasy but also very moisturizing. It's also super gentle for babies and sensitive moms. I use it as a face and hand lotion and it works great! Thanks so much, Earth Mama!”"
- Stephanie


Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

"Been exclusively breastfeeding for my week-old baby girl and in the beginning she had challenges with her latch that left my nipples sore and cut, so I applied this nipple butter after each feeding and it completely healed within three days! I love this stuff! I bought two little jars and it's a great investment!"
- @joyfulfeli


Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

"Love this Earth Mama diaper cream. All natural. Organic. Smells great. Goes on super easily. Doesn't leave a yucky white residue. And you can use it on other cuts, scrapes, rashes, etc. It really works well and quick for our little babe who's had her fair share of diaper rashes!"
- @bethanywears


Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Washj

"I have to give it a 5! It is something I can use on both my babies and myself. Plus I love that it's 100% all natural. I will not use anything else on my babies."

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