evanhealy Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion 1oz

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Cruelty Free Gluten Free Non-GMO Paraben Free
  • A remarkable cured oil infusion of Neem one of Ayurveda's most effective treatments for skin
  • Enhancing Neem Immortelle Infusion are the beneficial heat-pacifying properties of a certified organic maceration of fresh whole plant immortelle in extra virgin olive oil
  • Penetrates instantly into skin leaving no oily residue

Pimples? Acne? Rosacea? Psoriasis? Eczema? Rash? Itchy skin? These are all signs of an imbalance: systemic heat expressing itself through the organ of the skin. SOLUTION?

A Natural Therapy for sensitive acne and impure skin

Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion is a daily-use treatment oil that will assist the skin in decongesting clogged pores and reduce signs of redness and sensitivity clearing systemic heat in the skin.

What Evan says: "I love the scent of this luscious Infusion of healing herbs and oils! Sensitive to Cleansers? Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion also acts as a cleansing oil it's an impressively effective alternative to cleansers leaving the skin smooth relaxed toned and the pores clear. Follow application with saturating mists of our fresh fragrant and awakening Sacred Tulsi Hydrosol. OM in a bottle."

A Time-Honored Ayurvedic Skin Treatment

Our Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion is made from a cured certified organic sesame oil and neem leaf extract. Enhancing Neem Immortelle Infusion is the beneficial and heat-pacifying properties of a certified organic maceration of fresh whole plant immortelle in extra virgin olive oil. In addition we've included Immortelle essential oil (Helichrysum italicum) the steam distillation of the lovely bright yellow flower that grows wild in the Mediterranean. Because it retains its color and shape Immortelle it is also known as "Ë-Everlasting'.

The neem tree has been called "the village pharmacy" because its bark leaves sap fruit seeds and twigs have so many diverse uses in the traditional medicine of India and has been used medicinally for at least 4000 years. Over 2000 research papers have been written on the wide-ranging benefits of the neem tree.

Here's How the Skin Works

Sweat glands and sebaceous glands work together to produce a thin coating of lipids (oil) and perspiration (water) - called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is the skin's protective barrier against disease. However when the delicate balance of acidity and alkalinity (the pH balance) that makes up the acid mantle is disrupted the skin's ability to protect is weakened. Help restore the natural balance of the skin by combining this remarkable Oil Serum with one of our healing plant Hydrosols.

Blemish Treatment line was created to deep cleanse detoxify and refine pores. It helps restore normal function to blemished oily and/or teen skin.

evanhealy is an artisan-quality skin care treatment line created by aesthetician Evan Healy. Her holistic approach draws from traditional plant lore aromatherapy ayurveda and homeopathy. Through her experience with holistic therapies Evan has observed the connection between plants and skin. Rather than treating areas of imbalance such as an overly oily condition the more holistic successful and long-term solution is to support the totality of skin functions using simple plant-based formulations and non-invasive treatment methods. This approach encourages the skin with its innate ability to regulate itself to breathe.

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evanhealy Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion 1oz

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After cleansing massage 1 to 2 pumps of Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion into skin still moist from misting with Facial Tonic Hydrosol. For blemished skin or skin that is drier or sensitive to heat or cold weather Neem Immortelle Serum can be layered with a small amount of another moisturizer: Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid an ideal moisture companion when needed for blemished skin. Additional choices can be Rose Vetiver or Blue Chamomile Day Moisture Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf or Patchouli Vanilla. Finish with saturating mists of Tulsi or Immortelle Facial Tonic or your favorite Facial Tonic Hydrosol...your skin will love it!
Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Seed Oil*, Neem (Azadirachta indica) Leaf Extract*, Olive (Olea europaea) Oil*, Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) Extract*, Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) Flower Oil*. *ORGANIC
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