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evanhealy Pomegranate Repair Serum 0.5oz

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An exceptional combination of fruit seed and berry oils known for their affinity with the skin’s natural balance of oil and water (hydro-lipid layer) Deeply nourishing costly and View Full Details
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+ Description


  • An exceptional combination of fruit seed and berry oils known for their affinity with the skin’s natural balance of oil and water (hydro-lipid layer)
  • Deeply nourishing costly and luxurious this highly regenerative daily treatment restores radiance tone and suppleness to sun-damaged delicate sensitive and/or dehydrated skin
  • Pomegranate and sea buckthorn oils offer significant amounts of essential fatty acids carotenes tocopherols and phytosterols – important elements in maintaining healthy skin

Pomegranate Repair Serum with sea buckthorn oil is an extraordinary combination of fruit seed and berry oils known for their revitalizing effect on skin. This unscented (other than the natural aroma of essential fatty acids) nutrient-rich therapeutic treatment adds powerful antioxidant benefits to skin while a high polyphenol and conjugated fatty acid content assists in the wound-healing process. This combined effect results in strong anti-inflammatory properties offering an effective solution for rosacea or any sensitive skin condition.

Daily use increases vitality elasticity and suppleness while providing an elegant and silky feeling. Pomegranate Repair Serum has exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties. Its visible healing effect on mature and aging skin hyperpigmented skin dry and cracked skin irritated sun-damaged and sunburned skin is truly remarkable. This Serum can also be used to treat acne eczema psoriasis scars and wounds.

Pomegranate Repair Serum with Sea Buckthorn Oil:

  • Boosts restoration and repair of the skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Contributes to collagen production
  • Helps reverse the damage of sun exposure
  • Assists the skin in healing both new and old scars

The addition of sea buckthorn oil adds a nourishing revitalizing and restorative action. Studies of sea buckthorn oil have suggested that the restorative properties present in the fruit and berry extract may be due in part to its high content of essential fatty acids carotenes tocopherols and phytosterols elements which are all important in the maintenance of a healthy functioning skin.

Choose Pomegranate Repair Serum instead of Rosehip Serum for more targeted repair on damaged or devitalized skin that requires additional nourishment.

Blemish Treatment line was created to deep cleanse detoxify and refine pores. It helps restore normal function to blemished oily and/or teen skin.

evanhealy is an artisan-quality skin care treatment line created by aesthetician Evan Healy. Her holistic approach draws from traditional plant lore aromatherapy ayurveda and homeopathy. Through her experience with holistic therapies Evan has observed the connection between plants and skin. Rather than treating areas of imbalance such as an overly oily condition the more holistic successful and long-term solution is to support the totality of skin functions using simple plant-based formulations and non-invasive treatment methods. This approach encourages the skin with its innate ability to regulate itself to breathe.

+ Directions
After cleansing massage one to two pumps (or more depending on need) into skin still moist from Facial Tonic Hydrosol. For blemished skin: apply sparingly - approximately one pump - and follow with generous misting of Facial Tonic Hydrosol press oil/water well into skin with clean hands. Their Pomegranate Repair Serum absorbs instantly into skin leaving no oily residue will not clog pores! For dryer skin conditions layer or blend in palm of hand with evanhealy Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid Day Moisturizers or Whipped Shea Butter. Night time application: One or two pumps may be applied to clean skin in the evening mist generously after application and press into skin. For a very special treat in the palm of your hand combine one droplet of Puja Vetiver and Rose Attar with two or more pumps of Pomegranate Repair Serum and massage gently into skin. This adds the gentle soul-soothing and timeless fragrance of a classic Ayurvedic treatment: roses distilled into ethically harvested sandalwood and organic vetiver. This serene fragrance will create a relaxed and peaceful face by easing facial tension and stress. Your skin and your spirit will be nourished and peaceful.
+ Ingredients
Pomegranate seed oil (Punica granatum)* rose hip seed oil (Rosa canina seed)* jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis)* sea buckthorn seed and berry oil (Hippophae rhamnoides)* and vitamin E (tocopherol). Unscented. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC No GMOs petroleum-based products parabens or synthetic fragrances. Cruelty free.
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Great for oily skin!
I use this and the lemon thyme hydrosol every night, my oily skin is less oily and so much smoother and clearer!!!
Overall Rating
5 stars out of 5
Review by June (6.9.2016)
Truly awful scent
I love Evan Healy products for their ingredients and beautiful scents, but this serum is the exception; the scent is awful! So awful that I can't use it. I disregarded reviews on other sites that remarked about the unattractive scent, thinking that the reviewers were overly sensitive. Not so - this product truly smells unpleasant. And I am really sad that I just threw away nearly $41. Ugh!
Overall Rating
2 stars out of 5
Review by shannon (1.11.2016)
I love this serum! I had been using the Hauschka normalizing day oil for years, and while I still think the world of Hauschka products, I'm really glad I branched out to try something new. I think both lines are great, and they have similar but different approaches to skin care. I think my skin is appreciating a little change
Overall Rating
5 stars out of 5
Review by lala (3.21.2014)
Great for Combination Skin
I found the Pomegranate Repair Serum to be perfect for my 43 year old combination skin. I have some dry patches around my nose and chin that are always irritated and flaky. This serum eliminated the dry flakes and really reduced the redness after a week of use. While the product seems expensive you only use a few pumps so it will last quite awhile. Also, the serum replaced two Kiehl's products that I had been using so for me it really was a better buy. Plus it's more effective than Kiehl's without all the chemicals.
Overall Rating
5 stars out of 5
Review by Robin (7.26.2013)