Flora Udo's Choice Toddler's Probiotic 75g

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Our manufacturers formulate their probiotics to ensure their products retain viability until they reach the consumer. All probiotics shipped from the Pharmaca warehouse remain refrigerated until the time of shipment and during warmer months probiotics are shipped alongside ice packs to ensure potency (Note: Ice pack will not arrive frozen/product will not arrive cold). No extra charge!

  • 1-5 years (formerly Udo's Choice Infant's Probiotic)
  • Award-winning high-potency 'friendly' bacteria for digestive and immune support, and overall good health in toddlers*
  • 6 infant- & toddler-specific human-adapted strains of live probiotics for the highest survival/colonization rates; no transient strains
  • 3 billion viable cells per gram at manufacture
  • Take 1-3 times daily. Dissolve ¼ tsp (1 gram) in infant/ toddler formula or juice, or mix into pureed and other (not hot) foods†

WHAT IS UDO'S CHOICE® TODDLER'S PROBIOTIC? Part of our multiple award-winning collection of age-specific probiotics, Udo's Choice Toddler's Probiotic is a medicinal blend of six human-adapted (aka resident or non-transient), infant-specific live probiotics. This special blend provides parents and care providers with a safe and effective high-potency source of probiotics that naturally live and thrive in the healthy digestive tract of infants and toddlers.

WHAT ARE PROBIOTICS AND WHAT DO THEY DO? The human body is a walking ecosystem: There are ten times more microbial cells living on the surfaces of our bodies — both inner and outer — than there are human cells.(1) Also known as 'friendly' bacteria, the probiotics that live in our digestive tract protect us from harmful bacteria. In addition, they help with digestion; make vitamins (B and K) and short chain fatty acids; stimulate the protective 'mucin' secretion in the gut lining; and break down cholesterol and toxins in our bowel. But their wide-ranging health effects extend beyond our GI tract, affecting our immune system, the liver and brain, the weight management system, and more.(2) Our very survival depends on them.

WHY ARE PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTH? Throughout the human life cycle, the GI tract microbiome usually maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with its host. However, many factors can reduce and negatively affect the number of friendly bacteria in an infant or toddler's gut: infection and other illness; antibiotics; birth by c-section; formula-feeding; cooked and hyper-processed foods; a fiber-poor diet; chlorinated water; inadequate sleep; medications; and stress, to name some.(3)

A reduced number of beneficial bacteria leaves your little one vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can overpopulate, creating an unbalanced state known as intestinal dysbiosis. Left untreated, symptoms of dysbiosis can become chronic and lead to bigger health concerns.(4) By restoring a disrupted gut balance, probiotic supplements keep various 'bad' bacteria in check and promote the functional state of the GI tract and its far-reaching metabolic, immunological, nutritional, and psychological effects.*(5-9)

WHAT MAKES UDO'S CHOICE TODDLER'S PROBIOTIC SO SPECIAL? Our pioneering work with our Udo's Choice® probiotic blends started in the 1990s when we introduced the first-ever line of age-specific probiotics. Because we care about results, we tailored this high-potency formula to the specific needs of infants and toddlers, since the types and amounts of probiotics found in a healthy gut change over the life cycle. And, like people, probiotics work better in teams, which is why we chose to use blends of strains.

All of our Udo's Choice probiotics are human-adapted (or HA). Unlike the transient (aka non-resident) dairy- and plant-derived bacteria widely marketed, our HA probiotic strains successfully implant and colonize the human digestive tract for a longer period of time. Why? HA strains survive strong stomach acid and bile, reaching the intestinal tract at a better rate. Transient probiotics are far less effective.

Udo's Choice probiotics deliver: When compared to four other well-known brands by an independent research group, the measured viable cells of Udo's Choice 'stood out from the rest numerically and statistically', and 'Udo's Choice was the only brand for which the number of viable bacteria recovered met the recommendations for daily dosage of a probiotic regimen'.(10) No other company makes probiotics like we do.

Take 1-3 times daily. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) dose of concentrated probiotic powder in infant formula or juice, or mix into yogurt, pureed food, and other (not hot) food†. Heat destroys probiotics so never add to hot food. Alternatively or in addition, dip a wet spoon into the probiotics to coat the spoon and let baby or toddler suck or eat it off the spoon or dip clean finger into water then dip into probiotic powder to cover tip of finger, and let baby or toddler suck the probiotics directly off the finger. It can also be applied to the nipple during breastfeeding to benefit both baby and mother.
Udo’s Choice® Toddler’s Probiotic blend contains the following human-adapted medicinal probiotic strains: Lactobacillus casei HA-108 (35%†); Lactobacillus rhamnosus HA-111 (25%†); Lactobacillus acidophilus HA-122 (15%†); Bifidobacterium infantis HA-116 (15%†); Bifidobacterium bifidum HA-132 (5%†); and Bifidobacterium breve HA-129 (5%†). Non-medicinal ingredients: maltodextrin (from non-gmo corn), ascorbic acid (as an antioxidant), silicon dioxide (to keep dry/ prevent damage to probiotics).
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