Genexa Saline Care Organic Nasal Spray 0.5oz

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Non-GMO Organic Paraben Free

Flush away your stuffy nose and nasal congestion. Saline Care soothes and clears mucus and congestion from allergies, sinus and colds, without parabens or fillers.

Get gentle, soothing relief with the world's first organic and non-GMO saline spray.

  • Organic nasal spray

  • Free of parabens and fillers

  • Portable on-the-go bottle with sprayer

  • Used to treat: mucus, congestion, and nasal symptoms from allergies, sinus and colds

A safe and effective, nasal decongestant medicine, Saline Care™ is a certified organic, over-the-counter and non-GMO nose spray. It flushes away mucus and congestion, providing soothing relief from stuffy nose due to allergies, sinus and colds. Free of parabens and fillers, Saline Care provides fast, soothing relief.

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