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You’ve tried the traditional intimacy products, and you know what can happen: itching, burning and overall discomfort. The folks at Good Clean Love didn’t understand why sex, one of the most magical, pleasurable experiences known to humankind, had to be so painful for so many of us. So they made it their mission to create organic intimacy products that put the pleasure back in sex. By pleasure, Good Clean Love means that their products are good, they’re clean, and they abide with this mission: To increase the quality and quantity of healthy, loving relationships on the planet by providing natural sexual wellbeing products and essential educational resources.

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As a pioneer in the organic lubricant industry, Good Clean Love believes that they have a responsibility to be a leader in their business practices, too. The B Corporation model allows Good Clean Love to communicate to the community their commitment to adopting practices that positively impact and contribute to a more equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Good Clean Love gladly undertook the B Corporation certification process to ensure their business practices were at the highest levels and to place them in the best position possible to effect change to benefit the community, the environment and their clients.

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Good Clean Love has also obtained MADE SAFE™ certification for its most popular products: Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant, Bio-Match™ Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, and Bio-Match™ Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. These products have passed MADE SAFE™’s comprehensive human health-focused safety screening, meaning that they are made entirely from safe ingredients—that is, ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world.

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Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Lubricant

Infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla, Almost Naked Personal Lubricant is an organic, aloe-based lube that’s lightly scented with organic flavors. Designed for even the most sensitive skin types, Almost Naked is formulated to provide the same long-lasting glide as conventional lubricants without all the irritating chemical additives. Good sex isn’t about side effects. Respect the most sensitive tissues in your body with organic ingredients and enhance your love life naturally. Free of parabens, petrochemicals, and glycerin, and safe for use with latex condoms and toys. Almost Naked is fertility-friendly and recommended by health care professionals nationwide.

Bio-Match Balance Moisturizing Wash

Good Clean Love Biomatch Moisturizing Wash

Bio-Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Personal Wash is a gentle moisturizing cleanser made with soothing botanical extracts. It’s safe to use on intimate areas because, unlike harsh soaps and cleansers, Bio-Match™ Balance™ accurately matches healthy vaginal acidity and salinity to support the healthy balance of vaginal flora, helping to protect against infection, discomfort and unpleasant odors.

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