Grab Green Power Degreaser - Fragrance Free 16oz

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Real Clean, Real Green

This non-toxic Degreaser leaves zero residue and cuts through greasy messes like a pro. Made with safe, naturally-derived ingredients, the Power Degreaser is designed to help you cut through grime, without being harsh on your kitchen or the environment. It’s the eco-responsible, family safe, and most effective way to remove tough grease and is the best choice for chefs and anyone looking to make their kitchen sparkle.

Perfect for use on countertops, stoves, microwaves, baseboards and even bicycles, the Power Degreaser leaves a clean surface and fresh scent. Non toxic and safe for kids and pets, Grab Green’s Power Degreaser is not only effective, but safe for everyone in your home.

It’s the blend of naturally-derived ingredients that make this Power Degreaser tough on grease but easy on the planet. Free of fillers, harsh fumes, and solvents this degreaser is the effective and healthy alternative to traditional grease removing product

Our Fragrance Free formula is hypoallergenic and free of fragrance, dyes and masking agents.

Earth-Friendly Ingredients: Keeping Your House Clean and Safe

Grease, it’s very unpleasant to clean up, but even worse to let go for long periods of time. Not only does it create a sticky, slimy mess, but it can also be extremely unhealthy to have around. Not only is grease a bacteria trap, but it can leave awful looking stains on just about any surface, including your walls, floors, countertops, backsplash, and more.

Luckily, grease can be easily wiped away using the Power Degreaser. Just a few quick sprays from the bottle and you can easily wipe grease and other cooking grime off of a multitude of different surfaces including microwaves, sinks, granite, stovetops, and more. Made with naturally-derived, non-toxic ingredients, Don’t worry about harsh chemicals, ammonia, solvents, or phosphates getting onto your food prep surfaces, this degreaser is free of all those things and is only made with healthy, effective ingredients. That way, you can trust that your surfaces are clean, grease free, and safe for anyone in your household, from your toddler, to your teenager, even your dog or cat.

Not Your Average Degreaser

Traditional degreasers get rid of grime in your kitchen, and sometimes you bathroom, but Grab Green’s Power Degreaser does more. Safe for a variety of vastly different surfaces, our products is different than the rest, and can work in multiple area of you house, cleaning up even the greasiest of messes. Use this degreaser to:

  • Remove Grease Stains From Clothing

  • Help In Cleaning Vinyl Flooring:

  • Remove Tar From The Skin: Don’t hurt yourself. Simply spray a little on your skin and peel off tar easily or rid your skin of oily residues

  • Get Rid Of Tough Makeup Stains: Full strength degreaser straight on a stain can dissolve it

  • Clean your bicycle gears and brakes: Spray it on and wipe the grime away with little to no scrubbing

  • Boost Your Laundry Detergent: 2oz in your wash can help clothing look like new

  • Clean Those Dusty Window Blinds: Spray and wipe clean. It’s easy and doesn’t leave streaks of uncleaned dust and dirt like traditional cleaners

  • Make Your Washer and Dryer Sparkle Again

  • Clean Up Your Child’s grimy, sticky toys: The non-toxic formula is safe to use on little kid’s toys to keep them in tip top shape, by getting rid of fingerprints and sticky spots

  • Clean baseboards and crown moulding as well as heating and cooling vents.

  • Works like a charm on greasy tools and auto parts

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