Intimina Lily Cup Compact Size A

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The world's first collapsible menstrual cup

Designed to fit your non-stop lifestyle, Lily Cup Compact is an innovative menstrual cup that collapses flat so you can carry it everywhere you go. Your period starting never has to be an emergency again!

The medical-grade silicone is ultra-soft and flexible for easy insertion and total comfort during wear. Collecting rather than absorbing menstrual fluid, it allows for a period that is completely odor-free with zero dryness or irritation. This reusable alternative to pads and tampons is both healthier for you and better for the environment. Lily Cup Compact is best for light to medium flow and gives up to 10 hours non-stop protection.

Why you will love Lily Cup

Convenient – Collapses flat so it can be carried everywhere in its tiny case.
Healthy – Hypoallergenic, no dryness, and no irritation. Respects your intimate balance.
Comfortable – So soft and thin, it can’t be felt while worn. No strings, no padding - wear whatever you want.
Safe – Made from 100% FDA approved medical-grade silicone that is BPA-free and phthalate- free. No harmful chemicals or bleaches.
Eco-friendly & Economical –Reduces waste: no more tampons or pads to throw into the waste basket. One cup can last for years.

Size A is recommended for women who have not given birth or for those who have given birth by Caesarean.


  • 1 Lily Cup Compact

  • Protective case

  • User manual


The Lily Cup Compact is not a contraceptive and will not protect against Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Remove your Lily Cup Compact prior to intercourse.
Discontinue use and contact a medical practitioner if you experience any pain or discomfort while using the Lily Cup.
Menstrual cup use has never been linked to TSS but if you have had TSS you should not use a menstrual cup.

About Intimina:

Intimina, as the experts in feminine care, believe that a woman’s intimate well-being requires special attention and care. Our mission is to bring women a single brand that they can rely on to provide tasteful, safe, and practical products for all of their feminine needs. Gynecologist-supported and created specifically for pharmacies, we are dedicated to providing solutions in feminine care as the world’s only completely inclusive intimate wellness brand.

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Using Lily Cup Compact takes a little practice but once you've got the hang of it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  1. Wash your Lily Cup Compact and your hands before and after each use
  2. Fold the cup
  3. Insert so the cup is completely inside the vagina
  4. Wear for up to 10 hours
  5. Remove
  6. Discard menstrual fluid, wash the cup and then reinsert
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