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About Intimina

Intimina, as the experts in feminine care, believe that a woman’s intimate wellbeing requires special attention and care. Their mission is to bring women a single brand that they can rely on to provide tasteful, safe and practical products for all of their feminine needs.

As part of their commitment to provide the best intimate health products, Intimina works with their Medical Advisory Board to get advice and support in developing each product. With specialties ranging from gynecology to psychology, the Board is also integral in their efforts to provide reliable facts and information about intimate health to customers.

Intimina is dedicated to providing practical and elegant solutions in feminine care as the world’s only completely inclusive intimate wellness brand.

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About Intimina’s products

Intimina products use the latest designs and material innovations to provide solutions to everyday intimate health challenges and bring women the very best in intimate care.

The Intimina product range covers three key areas of women’s health:

Intimina Pelvic Floor Strenghtening Line

The Pelvic Floor Strengthening line is designed to help women get the most out of their Kegel exercising, helping prevent and overcome pelvic floor disorders like bladder leaks and vaginal laxity.

Intimina Menstrual Care Line

The Menstrual Care line makes your period a breeze, with everything from long-lasting period protection to hygiene products for improved comfort.

Intimina Intimate Wellness Line

The Feminine Wellness line ensures intimate comfort and health for a fulfilled sexual life.


Intimina products are made in their own state-of-the-art production facility that has been ISO 13485 certified to manufacture medical devices. Intimina's manufacturing facility always strives to reduce usage of materials, energy, and water and to minimize CO2 output. Their Vendor Code of Conduct follows fair labor practices, employee health and safety requirements, and environmental accountability.


Intimina uses only the highest quality materials, including 100% medical-grade silicone. All materials are rigorously tested for safety and biocompatibility, and comply with all FDA, CE and RoHs regulations.


During development, all products are thoroughly tested for quality, durability and safety, and quality assurance checks are carried out on all manufacturing runs. All products that are considered medical devices are properly regulated with the FDA (US) and are CE marked (EU) and have undergone all the required testing to pass these regulations.

Intimina complies with environmental regulations and energy standards in every country they operate in. Intimina products are WEEE-compliant (meeting collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods).

Intimina hygiene and bath products are formulated to be pH balanced and contain no glycerin, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, mineral oils or animal-derived raw materials. The products have all been dermatologist and gynecologist tested to ensure that they are hypo-allergenic.

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Medical Advisory Board

Intimina Expert Guidance

Intimina’s Medical Advisory Board is made up of more than 15 independent experts from all areas of women’s health, including gynecologists, pelvic floor specialists, physical therapists, sexual health experts and nurse practitioners. These experts help develop products that address the full spectrum of intimate health issues, as well as provide accurate information on health and wellness for all women.

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Intimina Videos

An introduction to the Lily Cup

How to use the Lily Cup

An Introduction to KegelSmart

How to Use KegelSmart

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Improve your sexual health with different Intimina products, including toys, kegel exercise weights, and monthly menstrual spa tablets. These products improve feminine health and restore your body’s natural balance.