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Juice Beauty creates high-performance organic skin care products & all-natural makeup that are made from healthy ingredients that nourish skin. Pharmaca carries dozens of Juice Beauty’s most popular products, including their CC cream and patented Green Apple Peel.

About Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is masterminded by a California team passionate about healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science. It all started when Karen Behnke, a serial wellness entrepreneur, who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country, developed a keen interest in personal care products upon becoming pregnant with her first child at the age of 40.

Experiencing hormonal changes and the beginning of lines in her skin, Karen set out to find healthy skin care solutions that delivered visible results. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs up to 60 percent of what’s placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. Karen wanted to create meaningful change in the beauty industry.

Years after her second child was born, Karen bought the name “Juice Beauty” in 2004 and launched the company from scratch in 2005. Karen set out to do the impossible: to create organic and truly natural formulations that perform as well as conventional beauty products, yet never compromise on the luxurious experience. Over 5 years, Karen’s team worked with PhD chemists, physicians and microbiologists from California laboratories to perfect the chemistry of Juice Beauty.

Juice Beauty’s revolutionary formulations started with a basic premise. Karen believed that by formulating with an antioxidant- and vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base—instead of petroleum derivatives or added water—along with powerful skin care ingredients, it could yield equal or better results than conventional products. Multiple clinical tests proved her right. The company really started growing when the GREEN APPLE™ Peel—now patented—escalated to fame through celebrity favorite mentions and media awards.

Today, Juice Beauty offers award-winning (like those from InStyle, ELLE, Allure, and Glamour) antioxidant-rich and clinically proven skin care and makeup products that meet rigorous organic regulations in North America supported by solid eco-values.

Our Mission


OG-Original Green antioxidant-rich skincare & plant-based makeup.

Cleaning up the Beauty space since 2005.

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Sustainable.

Certified Organic Ingredients. Wellness. Farm to Beauty.

Clinically validated formulas. Authentically organic ingredients.

Every Organic Drop Feeds Your Skin.

Juice Beauty’s Eco-Values

#1: FARM TO BEAUTY with Authentically Organic Formulas. Sustainability at it’s highest form. All Juice Beauty products are made With Certified Organic Ingredients, Over the past decade, Juice Beauty has estimated the avoidance of 3 tons of pesticides by utilizing organic ingredients instead of conventional.

#2: Sustainable Packaging and Company practices. We take sustainable practices to our packaging, our manufacturing, our headquarters and Farm. With 100% FSC paper, 100% Bioresin sample & travel tubes, and a solar powered farm, but we don’t stop there.

#3: Vegan & No Animal Testing--Ever! No animal byproducts and always protecting our coral reefs and wildlife by utilizing no synthetic dyes, fragrances or chemical sunscreens. Juice Beauty is Leaping Bunny certified. PETA compliant and recipient of PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award..

#4: Beyond Clean. Powerful Action Without Potentially Harmful Ingredients. Using plant based oils or no fragrance, we have avoided an estimated 10 tons of endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrance chemical use, over the past decade. By using sustainably sourced plant waxes, we have avoided using an estimated 26 tons of petroleum over the past decade.

#5: Socially Responsible Giving Since 2005. Juice Beauty partners with BCPP/Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and EWG / Environmental Working Group--as we share values. 

Juice Beauty Videos

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