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About Love Sun Body

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Sitting on the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ, the founders of Love Sun Body had an idea that turned into a mission. It started with their search for a completely natural, effective sunscreen. One of the founders, Dr. Terry Zickerman, knew the health concerns and risks associated with commonly used chemical sunscreen ingredients. The founders just wanted a safe, eco-friendly and healthier alternative to chemical sunscreens that would be easy to use—so when they couldn’t fine one, they decided to create their own!

The founders spent years conducting research and development, and learning about the impact chemical sunscreen ingredients have on our environment and health. They also discovered how many US sunscreens fall short—by not meeting the SPF number printed on the bottle, not meeting the global UVA requirements or not being transparent with consumers about combining chemicals with natural ingredients. The founders realized it was time for a sunscreen shakeup. The world needed a better sunscreen.

The founders turned to non-nano mineral sunscreen filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the only ingredients deemed safe and effective by the FDA. Unlike many mineral sunscreens, they wanted a formula that would be easy to use without leaving a white coating.

To prove to the consumer that Love Sun Body formulas are truly 100% natural and eco-friendly, they made sure their formula met the standards of COSMOS NATURAL certification as established by a European governing body called ECOCERT Greenlife. Not only does COSMOS NATURAL certification verify the ingredients are 100 percent natural and non-GMO, it also inspects and ensures the formulation, packaging, manufacturing and labelling all meet their natural, eco-friendly standards.

The result is America’s first and only 100% natural-origin mineral sunscreen certified COSMOS NATURAL. It’s eco-friendly, reef-safe, safe for human health and clinically proven effective. Love Sun Body is safe for your body and the planet.

About the Founder & CEO of Love Sun Body

Love Sun Body at Pharmaca

Dr. Terry Zickerman built his career in personal finance, but originally studied biology, chemistry and earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic. This foundation in science and medicine played a major role in helping him turn his passion for a healthier, safer sunscreen into a reality.

He spent six years researching, developing and formulating Love Sun Body to create the highest quality, eco-friendly, natural sunscreen available. He is passionate about protecting the environment and the clean beauty movement, ensuring that ingredients and formulas are safe for our skin and body.

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Organic Authority
October 2018

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Love Sun Body - America's Safest Sunscreen

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