Maxim Hygiene Classic Contour Pads - Regular 16 count

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What looks like Cotton in other sanitary pads is not always 100% Cotton. Maxim Classic Contour Pads are made with 100% Cotton and are Chlorine Free, which makes them:

  • reduce the risk of irritation

  • minimize the body’s exposure to chemicals

  • feel softer

  • better for the environment

Why call them classic? Because they are designed like the first basic pads that were around before the modern day and more popular pads with wings! They’re traditionally thicker, more absorbent and don’t have wings. Plus, we’ve upped the ante by using 100% natural cotton, which means they’re hypoallergenic and breathable!

Virtually all other menstrual pads contain wood pulp, a material derived from cutting down trees, leading to the destruction of the world’s limited and slow growing forests. Plus, a lot of women are allergic to wood pulp! Maxim sanitary pads won’t irritate you because they’re chlorine free, synthetic free and wood pulp free. Cotton is also a more renewable resource!

  • Liquid Locking Absorbent Core secures against leaks

  • Adhesive Strip on back for panty holding strength

  • Recycled Cardboard Packaging creates less waste and biodegrades more easily

  • Recommended Use: Heavy menstrual flow or incontinence and bladder control, Travel, On the go

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