Maxim Hygiene Natural Cotton 3-in-1 Cosmetic Travel Pack

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Get a 3-in-1 assortment of our most popular cosmetic accessories in an easy to store, grab and go kit. This item's compact packaging and zip-lock closure makes it convenient to always have these every-day products available while traveling or tucked away in your purse or makeup bag. And as always we use 100% chlorine free pure natural cotton to keep you soft, safe and natural. So, whether you’re traveling to an exotic destination or heading out to paint the town red, don’t forget to pack your handy dandy travel size combination pack of cotton balls, rounds and swabs!

Other cool features about this product to keep you feeling Soft, Safe and Natural:

  • Strongly knit fibers to prevent shredding

  • Re-sealable Zip-Locked Closure for safe keeping and storage

  • Recommended Use: To clean ears, remove makeup and apply cosmetics and ointment

  • Count: 10 Cotton Balls, 10 Cotton Rounds and 30 Cotton Swabs/Pack

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