Maxim Hygiene Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Winged Pads - Super 10 count

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What looks like Cotton in other sanitary pads is not always 100% Cotton. Maxim Ultra Thin Winged Pads are made with 100% Cotton and are Chlorine Free, which makes them:

  • reduce the risk of irritation

  • minimize the body’s exposure to chemicals

  • feel softer

  • better for the environment

100% cotton means 100% comfort! This sleek ultra thin design may not cover your heaviest days, but it will leave you feeling doubly secure. It has two sets of wings strategically positioned in both the center and back of the pad so even when you’re lying down, your back side (not just your mid section) is protected from leaks too!

And don’t worry about getting irritated by the wings when they fold over your panty and settle in to your inner thigh and groin area - the wings on Maxim ultra thin pads are made with 100% cotton, a natural material that leaves you feeling fresh and soft, without any irritation.

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