MegaFood Magnesium 90 tablets

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A crucial mineral for a healthy functioning body. Made with whole foods and easy to digest on empty stomachs.

Product Benefits

  • Magnesium delivered in its most bioavailable food form
  • Supports the health of the heart and nervous system as well as relaxation of muscles*
  • Organic spinach is a synergistic source of minerals and life-enhancing chlorophyll*
  • Naturally buffered and easy to digest
  • Certified gluten free certified vegan soy free dairy free kosher and farm fresh
  • Non-GMO Project Verified tested free of pesticides and herbicides

Magnesium is an essential mineral and works alongside enzymes to regulate protein synthesis muscle function nerve function and more. This once-daily natural magnesium supplement is perfect for promoting strong cardiovascular health and the nervous system.* MegaFood rounds out this balanced supplement with organic spinach to provide additional minerals that enhance magnesium's benefits.*

About MegaFood
Established in 1973 MegaFood™ seeks to deliver whole food supplements that provide authentic nourishment that goes beyond what vitamins and minerals alone can offer. MegaFood™ uses their patented Slo-Food Process™ to create FoodState Nutrients™ packing all of the beneficial nutrients of real whole foods into their easy-to-digest tablets maximizing health benefits.

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MegaFood Magnesium 90 tablets

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