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Nature by Canus Natural Skin Nourishment Made in Canada, Not Test on Animals, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Product of the Year Four Fragrances

About Nature By Canus

Fresh Canadian goat milk personal care products

Natural vegetal-based soaps from Nature by Canus

Out of respect to Mother Nature, all NATURE By Canus ingredients are meticulously sourced from responsible producers. They believe choosing good products for you and the environment should not compromise all the things you’d like to accomplish.

NATURE By Canus products do not contain EDTA, phosphates or parabens; are free of dyes and colorants; and are not tested on animals. Nature gives us all we need!

The story of Nature By Canus

Their pure vegetal-base soaps contain mild ingredients that purify the skin without affecting its natural moisture barrier. Their Silky Body Washes and Foaming Milk Baths are tested under dermatological control, respect skin’s natural pH, are not irritating and hypo-allergenic. Creamy Body Lotions feature a high concentration of emollients that provide increased hydration and a silkier feel to the skin, and use an innovative preservative system that is non-irritating.

The beauty of fresh goat’s milk

Fresh goat’s milk is one of Mother Nature’s most nurturing ingredients. It has been used in skin care for centuries and is best known for its superior moisturizing properties. It features shorter protein strands that allow for easy absorption, as well as a whole host of natural minerals and vitamins that are absorbed right along with all that protein, helping to nourish healthy skin and heal rough patches.

Fresh goats milk in Nature by Canus products

Wait. It gets better.

Fresh goat’s milk also contains capric and caprylic acids that naturally balance the alkalinity of the products so that it more closely matches the ideal alkalinity level of the human epidermis. This keeps skin and hair from being “stripped” of their natural moisture—a common problem with regular commercial soaps and shampoos.

The mission at Canus is to take what they know works and make it work even better. They’re constantly researching and developing new fresh goat’s milk soaps and lotions formulated with the additional benefits of natural oils and botanicals like lavender and shea butter.

All skin, even “special needs” skin, can benefit from fresh goat’s milk products, and they work great for the entire family.

Made from sustainable palm oil

Made with sustainable palm oil

Their new and improved Nature Fresh Goat Milk Soap is made with traceable palm oil from a certified sustainable palm plantation. Hand-picked from a strictly organic, 4,000-hectare plantation, palm fruits are pressed without consuming external energy. In fact, the boiler used to extract the palm oil is fueled by palm tree husks and fibers. The result? A carbon-negative palm oil production. With this unique and innovative system, they now produce more energy than they are using.

Award winning

NATURE by Canus Pure Vegetable Base Soap was voted Product of the Year 2018 by Consumer Survey of Product Innovation, taking home the top honors in the Personal Care Category. Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, where winners are backed by the votes of 40,000 consumers in a national representative survey conducted by research partner Kantar TNS, a global leader in consumer insights.

Now with a new look

The company’s 20th anniversary constituted a great occasion to refresh Canus’ line. The NATURE by Canus brand has a new look that is more contemporary and focused on wellbeing—much like its products and those who buy them. The NATURE by Canus line now boast a simpler appearance that appeals to consumers who take their health, and that of the planet, to heart.

Canada made, not tested on animals, sustainable palm oil

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