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New Sonage Products at Pharmaca

Sonage’s focuses on premium ingredients and research-based formulas that deliver healthy, natural-looking skin.

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New Airbiotics Products at Pharmaca

All-natural, external probiotics give your home a deep clean, without the use of harsh disinfectants.

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New Jeffrey James Botanicals Products at Pharmaca

This organic line was created to help you find the most radiant version of yourself, inside and out

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New Vital Proteins Products at Pharmaca

These natural peptides are highly bioavailable, digestible and soluble in cold or hot liquids.

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New Genexa

Healthier, purer homeopathic medicines formulated with organic, GMO-free ingredients.

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New Cane+Austin

Advanced skincare products formulated with a unique Glycolic Acid derived from sugar cane.

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New Cosmedix Skin Care

Blending pure botanical ingredients with Nobel-Prize winning technologies to create amazing skin care solutions.

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New Antonym Makeup

Cutting-edge technology, the best ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

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New SmartyPants vitamins

These simple and nutritious gummy multivitamins are made with organic and eco-friendly ingredients.

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New Live Ultimate skin care

This skin care line bridges the gap between high-end spa brands and natural goods.

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New Venin Royale Skincare

Featuring peptides and neuropeptides from King Cobra Venom to (safely) support a youthful and radiant complexion.

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New Michael Todd Skin Care

These natural creams, serums and skin care devices tackle problem skin quickly and effectively.

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New EmerginC Skin Care Products

Incorporates clinically proven cosmeceutical, medical-grade ingredients into all of their skin care products.

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New Skin authority Skin Care

Skin Authority's science-backed skin care products leverages biotechnology to enhance and repair skin of all types.

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New Vapour Organic Beauty Products

This cosmetics line is a triple threat: High-end, makeup-artist approved and totally natural.

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New Sciote Skin Care

Featuring pure essential oils and botanical ingredients combined with the latest in skin science.

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At Pharmaca.com, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in natural beauty and health. That's why we add new brands each month to meet the growing needs of all of our customers. Here you can find the latest and most exciting new brands at Pharmaca, including organic beauty brands, natural supplements and homeopathics, and more.