NONIKO Magic Deodorant Sensitive Formula - Green Mandarin 2.75oz

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Our sensitive deodorant was created for those people who cannot tolerate the baking soda in our original formula. Though extremely effective at combating and neutralizing odor, baking soda can be too highly alkaline for some people. Our sensitive formula glides on extra smooth and contains magnesium hydroxide as it's star odor neutralizing ingredient. This formula may also be used in conjunction with our original deodorant as a primer, reducing any chance of irritation from the baking soda. Feel free to switch up! Use them all together, on there own, or alternate between the two. Our skin tends to like variety!

Our green mandarin sensitive formula will leave you feeling as though your floating through a tangerine grove on a summer day. Tangy, citrusy and fresh, this essential oil is known as one of the gentlest. It's considered so gentle that it's recommended for children and the elderly and is called the "children's remedy" in France.

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Coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, arrowroot powder, green mandarin essential oil, and vitamin e.
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