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About Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals was born in Arctic Norway, where founder and CEO Joar Opheim grew up and where fish oil is a part of everyday life.

When Joar came to California in the mid-1980s to complete his MBA, he was unable to find the quality fish oil he relied on to manage his old gymnastic injuries, and had to consistently bring bottles from Norway—filling his suitcase on trips back and forth.

Driven by his Norwegian heritage, knowledge of fish oil, and love of science, Joar was inspired to contribute to advancing fish oil quality and industry standards, founding Nordic Naturals in 1995.

Guided by his personal mission to bring high-quality fish oil to the world, Joar developed several patented fish oil technologies, shaping standards for a country and industry that had few guidelines in place.

Today, Nordic Naturals is the #1 fish oil in the U.S. and a leading supplier of fish oils worldwide, offering a wide variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms to meet personalized nutritional needs.

Evidence Earns Trust
The only objective proof of fish oil quality is third-party analysis. Every batch of fish oil used in Nordic Naturals products is independently tested to verify leading purity and freshness levels. Nordic Naturals offers transparent access to Certificates of Analysis for every product.

Better Absorption=Better Results
In fish, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA naturally occur in triglyceride form. Since its founding, Nordic Naturals has exclusively produced fish oil in the triglyceride form. A 2010 study demonstrated that the bioavailability of concentrated omega-3s in the triglyceride form was 70% more than the ethyl ester form.1 Although more costly, Nordic Naturals is committed to continuing to process their oils in this form, ensuring optimal absorption and results.

Taste Matters
The award-winning taste of Nordic Naturals products can be traced to uncompromising freshness standards and oxygen-free manufacturing. To support the palatability of their oils even more, a natural flavoring process gives Nordic Naturals liquids and soft gels a light, clean, fruity flavor.

Committed to Sustainability
Since its founding, Nordic Naturals has been committed to both healthy people and a healthy planet. The company’s environmental stewardship is seen in sustainable sourcing of their fish, environmentally conscious fishing practices, a Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody-certified processing plant in Norway, and a LEED Gold-Certified U.S. headquarters.

Based on SPINS data
1Dyerberg J, et al. Bioavailability of marine n-3 fatty acid formulations. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2010 Sep;83(3):137–141.

The Nordic Naturals Advantage

Proven Purity
All our oils surpass strict international standards for purity and freshness

Exceptional Freshness
Oxygen-free, proprietary processing for exceptional freshness from boat to bottle

Great Taste
Leading freshness and 100% natural flavoring ensure no fishy smell, taste, or aftertaste

Triglyceride Form
Superior triglyceride form for up to 70% better absorption than ethyl ester omegas1

Backed by Research
A research leader in demonstrated product efficacy

Responsible Dosing
An effective, expert-recommended daily dose of at least 500 mg EPA+DHA

Sustainable Practices
100% of our fish is wild caught, sourced in line with the Norwegian fisheries management system, and processed with minimal environmental impact

Independent Testing

1 Dyerberg J, et al. Bioavailability of marine n-3 fatty acid formulations. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2010 Sep;83(3):137–141.

+  Product Info

Nordic Naturals Product Information

Children’s Products
Nordic Naturals children’s products make it easy to give kids the omega-3 and multivitamin nutrition they need. From liquids and gummies to soft gels that can be chewed or swallowed, Nordic Naturals’ award-winning children’s products are proven pure and kids love the great taste.

Ultimate Omega
The #1 fish oil in the United States, Ultimate Omega® is available in a variety of formulations. All of them contain the same pure, fresh, concentrated oil derived from 100% wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish. Like all Nordic Naturals products, they are manufactured in the triglyceride form for optimal absorption.

Prenatal Formula
Prenatal DHA is the official omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association, providing safe, effective, essential omega-3 nutrition for both moms and babies.

Vegetarian Options
From omega-3s for babies and adults, to vitamin D and borage oil, Nordic Naturals offers several products suitable for vegetarians.

Complete Omega and Condition-Specific Blends
Omega-3 blends and synergistic formulas are available for single-product convenience. Choices include omega-3/6/9 blends as well as omega-3s with added nutrients for specific concerns, including blood sugar levels, cholesterol, joint health, and eye moisture.

Pet Products
Pet Cod Liver Oil and Omega-3 Pet™ support pet health with omega-3s specially formulated for dogs and cats.

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Nordic Naturals offers natural supplements for the whole family. Find the perfect omega-3s in a variety of formulas and fun flavors like lemon, strawberry and orange! Nordic Naturals products are also available in different forms such as chewable, gummy, liquid and softgels. Stock up on trusted vitamin supplements from Nordic Naturals online at!