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The Nubian Heritage Story

Picture of Nubian Heritage Founders

Nubian Heritage started selling their products on the streets of Harlem in 1991. Fresh out of college and without jobs, its founders set out to bring the healing traditions of African black soap and shea butter to the community they loved. Short on experience, but full of passion and determination, they used their knowledge of culturally authentic healing traditions to create natural skin and body treatments.

Ancient Nubia was once a center of cultural trade—a place where goods, ideas and customs from across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean came together, influenced each other and then spread across the ancient world.

That’s the inspiration behind Nubian Heritage: to bring together traditional healing practices, cultural wisdom and indigenous ingredients, remix them and create modern natural solutions for skin and hair. To make cultural exchange the model for transforming the global community.

Nubian Heritage has been guided by the community’s demand for wellness products that speak to their unique needs, and the products have drawn on the rich healing philosophies of these communities around the globe.

It is their desire that through cultural exchange Nubian Heritage remains relevant to its community and the objective of spreading wellness traditions. This community, comprised of the people they interact with directly and through their vendors, means everything to them. They believe that focusing on commerce in an ethical and community-centered manner can powerfully change the world for the better.

Nubian Heritage consciously invests in shea butter cooperatives in Ghana. Their goal is to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for the village communities they rely upon for organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Beyond just paying an ethical wage, they ensure that the cooperatives become more efficient and profitable. This shift allows the cooperatives to become not just suppliers but self-sustaining, full business partners. All this is creating a better future for the next generation. It is what Nubian Heritage likes to call the power of “community commerce,” and they believe it can change the world.

Nubian Heritage is constantly developing new products and remedies, and discovering and sharing new paths to wellness.

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Taste for Life
2014 Personal Care Essential Lavender & Wildflowers Hand Cream

Nubian Heritage Taste for Life Award Winner

2012 Beauty at its Best Awards
African Black Soap Bar

Nubian Heritage Sheckys Award Winner

Nubian Heritage Black Enterprise Award Winner

Sundial Brands, maker of Nubian Heritage, received the Black Enterprise Emerging Business Award in 2008, and 2011 Liberian Business of the Year Award.

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Nubian Heritage in The Press

Nubian Heritage in Ebony Magazine

Ebony Magazine
December 2014
Battling Eczema with African Black Soap

Nubian Heritage in Amazing Wellness

Amazing Wellness
Early Winter 2014
Coconut & Papaya Body Wash & Lotion

Nubian Heritage in Taste for Life

Taste For Life
November 2013
2013 Gift Essentials: African Black Soap

Nubian Heritage in Sheen Magazine

Sheen Magazine
September/October 2013
African Black Soap

Nubian Heritage in Organic Spa Magazine

Organic Spa Magazine
November 2012
African Black Soap Body Wash

Nubian Heritage in Ala Moana

Ala Moana
July/August 2012
Carrot & Pomegranate Bar Soap

Nubian Heritage in Ebony

February 2012
African Black Soap

Nubian Heritage in Redbook

Redbook Magazine
November 2011
Infused Raw Shea Butter with Frankincense & Myrrh

Nubian Heritage in Latina Magazine

Latina Magazine
May 2011
Mango Infused Shea Butter

Nubian Heritage in GQ Magazine

February 2010
Beauty Tested, Beast Approved: Bar Soaps for Men

Nubian Heritage in O Magazine

O Magazine
December 2005
Olive & Green Tea Soap Bar

Nubian Heritage in Mantra yoga & health

Mantra Yoga + Health
Issue 6
Things We Love: Nubian Heritage

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Learn about the history of Nubian Heritage, and the underlying philosophy of their business.

Watch how Nubian Heritage empowers the communities that produce its shea butter.

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Pharmaca carries Nubian Heritage products, like African Black Soap, lotions and body wash. Pharmaca’s selection of Nubian Heritage products includes Coconut and Papaya Lotion, Honey and Black Seep Lotion, Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Bar Soap, Raw Shea Butter Bar Soap and more.