NuFace NuBody Skin Toning Device Kit

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NuBODY is the 1st FDA-cleared at home microcurrent device that visibly helps tone and firm body skin while smoothing away the look of dimples.

  • TONE
  • FIRM

NuBODY is the 1st FDA-cleared at-home microcurrent device that visibly helps tone and firm body skin, while providing a more contoured silhouette. Our exclusive Micro-4 Technology targets stubborn areas to help smooth away the look of dimpled, uneven skin.

Microcurrent for EVERYBODY
As we age, our body's natural current begins to slow (like our metabolism) leading to sagging skin and loss of contour. Microcurrent is a low-level soothing current that mimics the body's natural current and can provide instant and cumulative results.

The NuBODY skin toning device is specially engineered with four treatment spheres that synergistically work together to deliver a powerful yet gentle flow of targeted microcurrent to the larger, denser, areas of the body.

  • Tone: Improve the appearance of sagging skin.
  • Firm: Improve skin's strength.
  • Smooth: Improve the look of ripples and dimples.

In a recent NuBODY clinical study:

  • 92% of women showed improved skin tone*
  • 84% said their skin appeared firmer*
  • 80% said their skin appeared smoother*
  • 74% felt their overall skin appearance improved*
  • 72% saw a decrease in cellulite appearance*
  • 70% of women experienced an improvement in skin texture*

With each treatment, your body’s skin will look and feel energized and rejuvenated so you can take body confidence back into your own hands. Treatment areas include upper arms, abs, buttocks, front and back of thighs, and inner and outer thighs. Use 5 minutes a day per treatment area with NuFACE Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer.

For the first 60 days, use 5 days per week. After 60 days, use 2-3 days per week for maintenance. Results may vary based on skin type and skin condition. Like with exercise, we recommend regular use, along with healthy nutrition and fitness for best results. This is not a weight loss product.

This device is battery powered and will require care to maintain battery life: charge initially for 16 hours, then store NuBODY connected to the plugged-in power adapter.

What's included with the NuBody device:
(1) NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device, (1) NuFACE vegan leather carrying case, (1) 10oz. NuFACE Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer, (1) Power Adapter.

*NuBODY Clinical Study 60 day results. A single center, non-randomized, single-arm trial to evaluate the performance of NuBODY for the treatment of mild to moderate cellulite conditions on thighs and buttocks (individual results may vary). Study Number C17-D012.

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The instructions below are designed to provide the most effective results when followed correctly.

NOTE: For best results, you may choose to focus on a specific area of concern within the treatment area for the full 5 - minute treatment cycle and then repeat over other areas as necessary.

  1. On clean skin, apply a mask-like layer of NuFACE Gel Primer over the selected treatment area. Refer to your NuBODY device user manual for select treatment areas.
  2. Turn ON your NuBODY device by pressing the ON/OFF button, and select your preferred treatment intensity level.
  3. Begin treatment by gliding the device in an upward motion until the beep sounds (5 seconds).
  4. For stubborn areas, such as dimpled or uneven skin, hold the device over the area for 2-3 beeps to provide a more targeted treatment to help smooth the look of skin.
  5. Continue treatment until the device automatically powers off (5 minutes).
  6. After treatment is complete, massage any Gel Primer into the skin for additional skincare benefits.
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