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Food, Beverage & Eco Home Buyer

Rachel moved to Colorado in 2018 in pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. She began working with Pharmaca that year as Merchandising Administrator, and was promoted to Assistant Category Manager for Beauty the following year. Currently she holds the position of Category Manager for Food, Beverage and Eco Home. When she’s not working, she enjoys yoga, hiking and being outdoors.

Eminence Probiotic

Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser

“After years of searching for the perfect cleanser for oily, my dry combination skin, I found this cleanser by Eminence. It helps keep my skin clear and healthy day and night.”

Avene HYdrance Gel

Avene Hydrance AQUA-GEL Moisturizer

“My favorite part of my beauty routine is putting this soothing, hydrating moisturizer on my face. It feels SO good and smells amazing! I’ve been using Avene for years now and it’s a brand I trust to deliver natural ingredients that are free of radicals and provide pollution defense.”

Vapour Organic Beauty Perfecting Powder

Vapour Organic Beauty Perfecting Powder

“I apply this loose powder after I put on my makeup, and it gives me a smooth, matte finish that lasts the entire day. I love that this brand provides talc-free organic cosmetics that are great for your skin."

Garden of Life Gummies

Garden of Life Mykind Organics Women’s Multi Gummies

“I trust these gummies to give my body the daily serving of vitamins it needs without any artificial flavors or colors. One bottle contains nine organic whole fruits…and did I mention they taste like candy?”

Republic of Tea Beautifying Botanicals

Republic of Tea Beauty Sleep

“I have the best sleep when I drink this chamomile rose tea blend before bed. It’s great for calming your mind at the end of long, busy day, and it even helps nourish your skin with ingredients like hydrating hibiscus flower and collagen-promoting blue butterfly pea flower.”

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