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Originally from Canada, Vicky has been in community pharmacy for 17 years, with a special interest in Community Clinical Pharmacy. During her time with Pharmaca, she has helped to initiate numerous clinical programs, and has enjoyed her journey with the Pharmaca family. When not working, Vicky keeps (very!) busy with her 2 young daughters. She has been the Pharmacy Manager at the Seattle Wallingford store since 2010.

Sanitas Weightless Serum

Sanitas Weightless Serum & Balancing Moisturizer

"This dynamic duo keeps my face lightly moisturized all day long. The pair help to even my complexion and mattify my face—perfect for those no-makeup days. Also a bonus is that this line is paraben, sulfate and gluten free."

trilipiderm All-Body Moisture Retention Creme

trilipiderm All-Body Moisture Retention Creme

"I love using this lotion on my hands! I wash my hands all day long and find that my skin can get dry and cracked. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing lotion is just what I'm looking for: I can get right back to work after application and it lasts through hand washing. It leaves your skin moisturized and soft, using all natural, plant-derived ingredients. Great for all over body use, too."

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract with Vitamin C and Astragalus

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract with Vitamin C and Astragalus

"With my line of work as well as 2 young children, I get exposed to illnesses all the time during cold season. To stay healthy, I take this supplement daily to boost my immune system. Its unique formula consists of odorless, organically grown garlic, and a blend of mushrooms, vitamins and astragalus that help support respiratory health and immune function. If I feel like I'm starting to get sick, I'll double my dose to help blast colds quickly."

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic

Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora Probiotic

"It is important that you have the good bacteria in your gut to promote health, immune function and good digestion. This probiotic makes that easy, since it’s shelf-stable and has high potency. The scientifically studied strains (there are 10 of them!) will help to restore digestive balance and keep you healthy. I take 1 a day to stay on top of my game."

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