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About Pharmaca's Commitment to Quality

Pharmaca takes great pride in offering high-quality products at an affordable price. From supplements to shampoos to delectable confections, Pharmaca brand products offer unique formulations that are on par with or superior to other brands you’ve come to trust from the rest of our selection. We’ve even won awards for our package design, because we want our products to look as good as they feel and work.

Our vitamin and supplement formulations meet strict standards for quality and purity. They are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities to ensure safety and potency in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). You can look to Pharmaca for everything from single herbal extracts to specialized formulas for sleep and stress.

You’ll also find that our selection of spa-quality, plant-based skin and body care products smell—and feel—amazing. Essential oil-infused soaps, lotions, hair care and bath products provide effective results for all skin types. And our full line of therapeutic-grade aromatherapy is made up of only the finest essential oils, blended by a master aromatherapist.

Take comfort in our Pharmaca brand products’ exceptional quality and value.

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Pharmaca Product Information


Pharmaca brand supplements

Our vitamin and supplement formulations meet strict standards for quality and purity. They are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities to ensure safety and potency in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Where possible, our herbs and supplements are all non-GMO, gluten, dairy and soy free.

Hair and Body Care

Pharmaca Hair and Body Care

Our shampoos, conditioners, body washes, hand soaps, lotions and bath salts are all made in the USA using only pure essential oils for fragrance. We also offer an unscented line. They are free of animal products, gluten, parabens, artificial colors and petrolatum. Our bottles are also free of BPA and dioxins.

Essential Oils, Body Oils and Massage Oils

Pharmaca Essential Oils

Our essential oils are distilled from top quality crops and are tested using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to ensure the oils are pure and unadulterated with solvents or chemicals. They contain no perfumes or other fragrances.

Makeup Brushes and Beauty Tools

Pharmaca Makeup Tools and Brushes

From nail files to tweezers to makeup brushes, Pharmaca’s beauty tools offer great quality and value.

Baby and Child Care

Pharmaca Baby and Child Care

We worked for years to perfect these formulas and are pleased to offer this line of safe and effective skin care for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin. The formulas are all nut, gluten, soy, dairy and phthalate free, and contain no synthetic colors or fragrances.

Lifestyle Products

From Blender Bottles for your protein shakes to insulated water and tea/coffee bottles to 100% bees wax candles to grace your table, Pharmaca products will be a mainstay in your home.

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Organic Defense Hand Cleansing Spritz
"Excellent little product to carry with you I am so happy to have this natural, non-irritating hand sanitizer! It's perfect to carry with you especially when on travel. It smells nice, it's natural and it does not irritate my skin. My kids always ask for it when we are out...we like to keep clean as possible, especially now that people are getting colds."
- Maria A., Online Customer

Omega-3 Clinical Strength Fish Oil
"I had two brain surgeries years ago. Taking fish oil is a must for someone in my situation. This is some of the highest quality fish oil on the market. Thank you Pharmaca for making such quality supplements!"
- Andrew D., Online Customer

Organic Coconut & Vanilla Lip Balm
"Yum! Tastes/smells great and feels good on too. I like the texture—softer than most tubes so it goes on easily. My new favorite lip balm—and I'm a lip balm addict."
-Online customer

Raspberry Flavor Liquid Vitamin B12
"Love this. We are vegetarians so this is a great way to get B12. I put a couple drops in my kids' water every day. They love the taste!"
-Adriann, Online Customer

Nourishing Hand Soap
"The Very Best Hand Soap. This soap is all I use now. Never drying and all the added benefits of the lavender aroma...calming and soothing."
-Sally W., Online Customer

Moroccan Rose Essential Oil in Jojoba
"Great for skin. This oil is great on my face and neck. Very pleasant scent. The jojoba oil is so moisturizing. I don't even need another facial product!"
-Amy J., Online Customer

Lung & Sinus Blaster (previously Cold & Sinus Blaster)
"Can't be beat! I unfortunately no longer live close to a Pharmaca, but this stuff is a mainstay! It's an absolute miracle worker if you feel yourself coming down with a scratchy throat. I've never used any cold/sinus product—natural or otherwise—that is this effective. It's a must for any medicine cabinet!"
-Ali Sanders, Online Customer

Lavender Shampoo
"Wow! I bought this shampoo, because it was cheaper than the salon shampoos I've been using...I was completely surprised to find my hair much less dry, softer, wavier, and definitely healthier than not only the many eco friendly shampoos, but even better than the salon shampoos. Thank you, Pharmaca!!"
-Online customer

Women's Multivitamin
"I like this multi. It's a capsule so easy to digest and a nice size. I've switched to it and have been taking it for over a year now and feel great! Thank you!"
- Makena Phillips, Online Customer

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Pharmaca Awards

2013 Private Label Store Brands Packaging Awards
Little Pip Baby Care Bronze Award

Private Label Store Brands Award Badge

2012 PL Buyer Magazine Design Excellence Awards
Body Washes and Lotions Award Winner

PL Buyer Magazine Award Badge

2011 PL Buyer Magazine Design Excellence Awards
Hand Soaps, Winner
Pure Oils, Finalist

PL Buyer Magazine Award Badge 2

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Pharmaca products are offered in each of our website categories. Find vitamins and supplements from the Pharmaca brand or browse personal care and natural beauty products. When you choose Pharmaca products, you can be sure that you are getting high quality products at great prices! Because we care about your health and wellbeing, Pharmaca has natural product options for the whole family. Find all the Pharmaca brand health and wellness items you need online or in our stores!