Pharmaca Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Rose 16oz

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Handcrafted with pure ingredients of pink Himalayan salts, crushed rose petals and rose absolute.

Our Pink Himalayan Salts are combined with pure essential oils and crushed herbs and flowers. Himalayan Salts contain the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body in a colloidal form tiny enough for our cells to easily absorb. Bathing in Himalayan Salts is not only relaxing, but also helps remineralize the cells and restore proper cellular metabolism, along with moving toxins from the tissues to renew the body.

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Pharmaca Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with Rose 16oz

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Add 1–2 tbsp to bath and mix thoroughly with water. Enjoy your healing bath for 20–30 minutes.
Mineral halite, with rose essential oil, jojoba oil and rose petals.
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