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925 Cole Street
San Francisco, California






Full-service pharmacy, weekly B12 Shot Clinic, $30 gift coupon for transferred prescriptions, travel immunizations, walk-in immunizations for whooping cough, pneumonia and flu (seasonal)


Day Retail Pharmacy
Monday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 7PM
Tuesday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 7PM
Wednesday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 7PM
Thursday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 7PM
Friday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 7PM
Saturday 9AM - 7PM 9AM - 6PM
Sunday 10AM - 7PM 10AM - 6PM

Get a B12 shot during our weekly clinic!

B Bar (Dr. Gayl Hyde, ND, MS) - Sundays, 12am-4pm

Vitamin B12 can be helpful for

  • Calming stress and fatigue
  • Improving memory and heart health
  • Reducing the chances of anemia

San Francisco (Cole Valley) Staff

Rachel S., Certified Nutrition Consultant

Rachel is an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and energy healer. She has studied and worked in various retreat and healing centers around the world learning traditional herbal medicine and the use of mind-body healing techniques. She is passionate about nutrition and herbal medicine. Rachel also holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University.

Joshua L., Lead Practitioner

Joshua is a certified herbalist with over a decade of education and experience. He specializes in integrating the usage of western herbs with the science of Chinese Medical Theory. Joshua is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Tui Na, a Chinese medical bodywork modality, that he uses to augment the effectiveness of medicinal herbs and supplements. He is also interested in integrating sustainability practices in herbal medicine harvesting and manufacturing.

Peter B., Acupuncturist

Peter is a California state and national licensed acupuncturist since 2012. Inspired from his experiences traveling and living in South East Asia, Peter began studying Eastern & Western herbalism, as well as therapeutic bodywork. He earned his Bachelor's of Health Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego and his Master's degree from the Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine College, Berkeley. His knowledge of supplements stems from his use of practitioner lines in his private practice as well as retail sales and management experience at local health food stores.

Jeri C., Esthetician

Jeri is a licensed esthetician who has been practicing for more than 10 years in the state of California. She has also been trained in New York and Los Angeles as a promotional make-up artist and educational trainer for national makeup brands. With more than 1,000 hours of training in holistic health seminars, Jeri also integrates that knowledge into her background of skin health and beauty.

Additional Store Information

Pharmaca organic health store in San Francisco combines the benefits of a full service health store with the convenience of hundreds of natural and organic OTC medications. Pharmaca San Francisco also carries hard-to-find vitamins, supplements and herbs, as well as a full line of organic and natural beauty products. Many of the products at Pharmaca wellness store are safe for those who suffer from allergies or lead vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyles.

Pharmaca San Francisco has proudly served the Cole Valley neighborhood for many years and strives to provide top-notch service to each and every customer. The in-store team consists of beauty, nutrition and medical experts who hold degrees and certifications in the fields of naturopathy, herbal medicine, esthetics, acupuncture and more. The team of practitioners is one of the most well rounded teams you will find at any organic health store, willing and able to help you with any of your health or wellness needs.

Visit Pharmaca's wellness store in San Francisco and take advantage of their unique events, ongoing activities and hundreds of high-quality natural and organic products.

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