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About Prima

Prima is a best-in-class, purpose-driven holistic wellness brand focused on elevating hemp-based CBD and functionally innovative botanicals. Browse Pharmaca's selection of Prima CBD Lotions, Bath Bombs & Serums, today!

With an offering that includes skin care, therapeutic body care and wellness essentials made with the highest standards of purity, potency and transparency, Prima is built on the principle that balance is a critical part of health and happiness—and that we all deserve better.

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Prima's standards

They hold themselves to the highest standards—for themselves and for the greater good. This is The Prima Way™.

Prima Product

100% clean, 0% questionable

Health and safety are top priorities. They have a list of 2,800+ chemicals and materials they choose not to use—many of which have potential for health, eco-toxicity and/or contamination concerns—which reflects this commitment to you.

Emphasis on sustainability

Ingredients are clean for you, clean for the environment and sourced with sustainability top of mind. They maximize recycled content where possible, obsess over the environmental impact of their decisions, and continually prioritize human and planetary health.

Rigorous testing

Prima uses Pixis Labs, a third-party, ISO/IEC-accredited and ORELAP certified facility in Portland, Ore., that adheres to rigorous, comprehensive standards of controls and processes to ensure every batch of products maintains consistency, quality, purity and potency.

Radical transparency

Prima believes you have a right to know exactly what’s inside your products. Simply enter your product’s batch code on their website to view its full potency results.


With a hyperfocus on credible science and relevant data, Prima is able to create best-in-class products—and real change.

True bioavailability

Prima’s proprietary encapsulation process is designed to protect the cannabinoids and deliver them to cells in the body faster and more efficiently than hemp oil alone, maximizing the benefit of the ingredient.

Synergistic efficacy

They utilize meaningful levels of functional botanicals to optimize the therapeutic potential of plant compounds and harmonize the body, inside and out.

Sustainable Sourcing

Prima’s vision to redefine wellbeing by elevating plant-based healing begins at the source—their source. It starts with superior quality, genetically optimized hemp that’s rich in naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD), organically grown in the northern foothills of Oregon. Then they utilize a clean, slow, gentle extraction process to preserve whole plant integrity—for a product with unmatched purity and potency.

Testimonials about Prima


"So obsessed and absolutely love this, best thing ever made!!!!! Hands down Prima is beyond incredible, their products are just wow!!!”


"When I travel, which is more often than not, I do serious mileage on foot. Airports. Cities. Backcountry wilderness. All of my adventures leave my tootsies super fatigued at day’s end. This lotion is the best relief my feet have found. They are left with a nice tingle, almost as if they’re relaxing for the first time in years. Is it a glorified lotion? Of course. Because here I am...glorifying it. Good job, y’all!”


"This Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter is THE best. I have been using it on my dry hands for a week now, and I see my dry/cracked hands are disappearing every time I use it. I am constantly washing my hands and have suffered the consequence. I have tried so many lotions and body butters, but only to leave my hands just feeling greasy, but now that I have switched strictly to Prima Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter, my hands have become rehydrated. This body butter smells amazing and makes my skin feel silky. Confidently recommend this product to anyone that has problematic skin.”


"Wow this product is so luxurious. My skin feels amazing every night. I’ve tried plenty of serums but none that made me feel so healthy and made my skin look so good not only after application but the morning after as well.”

Prima Team

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