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About Primavera

“We’ve made a lifelong commitment to creating the highest quality natural products that embrace a conscious, green lifestyle. Every decision we make is based on the philosophy that pure nature invites perfect balance. For PRIMAVERA, this means treading lightly on the planet, taking only what we need and giving back what we can.”
-Ute Leube and Kurt L. Nübling, Co-Founders

PRIMAVERA offers certified natural skin care and aromatherapy products that embody the purest joys of nature. Rooted in the philosophy that every day is a chance to bring nature closer, PRIMAVERA’s mission is to share the skin and sensory benefits of healing plants.

Since their humble beginnings more than 20 years ago, PRIMAVERA has developed a deep, collective understanding of traditional plant therapy and created Fair Trade partnerships with a worldwide community of organic farmers. Their products are intended to connect customers with nature every day, because they believe that feeling close to nature creates a sense of balance. Just as the earth regulates seasons, life cycles and ecosystems, nature regulates the rhythms of our own bodies and minds.

Company History

The PRIMAVERA story begins more than two decades ago at the foot of the Alps in southern Germany. The company was built on a love for nature and its holistic benefits; seeking the purest ingredients of the highest quality; and committing wholeheartedly to sharing the skin and sensory benefits of healing plants.

When co-founders Ute Leube and Kurt Nübling first started out, pure plant oils were hard to come by. Unsatisfied with what was available, they decided to produce their own organic formulas and started fostering partnerships with like-minded farmers, first in Europe and eventually around the world. Ute and Kurt also developed relationships with physical and massage therapists, alternative medicine practitioners, botanists, green chemists and estheticians—all of whom readily shared their knowledge of healing plants and holistic living with PRIMAVERA’s founders.

PRIMAVERA’s first inventory – eighteen different essential oils and base oils – was unveiled at a seminar in 1986. The humble offering sold out almost immediately and the company has since been busy as a pioneer of the organic skincare and aromatherapy movement.

About Primavera's Products


At the core of every PRIMAVERA product is a synergistic blend of organic plant ingredients that are personally selected from a community of farm partners to guarantee uncompromising quality. Relying on time-tested plant therapy principles and their knowledge of how different plant ingredients work together, PRIMAVERA hand-blends their essential oils, seed oils, base oils and plant extracts into carefully considered formulas.

Seed oils are what make PRIMAVERA’S skin care so special. Seeds contain the essence of plant life, while seed oils are exceptionally light and easy for facial skin to absorb. Seed oils are also the most precious and expensive plant oils because of the care needed to collect and process seeds. PRIMAVERA’S gentle method of cold pressing preserves their high levels of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and other vital nutrients that help restore moisture without leaving an oily residue.


PRIMAVERA strives to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring that their products are clean, their processes are conscious and their practices are caring.

PRIMAVERA uses the highest amount of certified organic ingredients available, and actively supports organic agriculture projects worldwide that rely on biodiversity, crop rotation, chemical-free pest controls and fertilizers, and non-GMO farming.

All PRIMAVERA products applied directly to the skin are certified by NATRUE, a label that customers throughout the world can trust as a comprehensive mark of quality and transparency.

PRIMAVERA believes inethical business practices. They pay fair prices to farm partners and suppliers, maintain long-term, collaborative relationships, and sponsor education and development initiatives for the individuals and communities they depend on for their high-quality ingredients.

Animal testing is out of the question at PRIMAVERA. They do not use any ingredients tested on animals and do not test any products on animals.


PRIMAVERA relies on a worldwide community of farmers who understand the principles of environmentally responsible cultivation. Their farm partners often come from families and communities that have been passing down knowledge and techniques for generations, giving them an exceptional understanding of the plants, climate and soil they work with.

In order to successfully retrieve the purest plant ingredients possible, PRIMAVERA uses plant-specific distillation methods for their precious essential oils, gentle cold pressing for seed oils and base oils, and custom, in-house extraction processes for their organic plant extracts.

PRIMAVERA personally hand blends all of their formulas. They view blending as an art in itself and take pride in doing it in ways that preserve the living energy, and skin and sensory benefits, of the plant ingredients.

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