3 Steps to A Romantic Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day a time to treasure… and relax. From mood-setting aromatherapy to all-natural aphrodisiacs, Pharmaca has you and your loved one covered.

Here, a few steps to take for a romance-filled evening.

Step One: Set the mood

Use sweet-smelling candles and seductive essential oils to quickly establish a romantic atmosphere.

Set light to a few of Tru Melange’s Love Beeswax Candles, which combine soft lighting with the scents of jasmine and rose.
Next, Pour a few drops of Aura Cacia’s Love Potion Essential Oil in the diffuser; sandalwood, ylang ylang and cardamom excite the body and inspire the senses.

Step Two: Relax

Calm tense muscles (and your nerves!) with one of our aromatherapy-based pillows and wraps.

Soothe away the day’s tension with the Spa Comforts Aromatherapy Body Wrap. This product only needs a few minutes in the microwave to warm up until you feel stress and tension start to melt away.
Jane’s Lavender Therapeutic Hothouse Comfort Pillows are another stylish way to calm anxious muscles. Also filled with warmable wheat and lavender, these comforting pillows are imprinted with beautiful botanicals on a removable soft linen and silk blend cover?pretty enough to keep on the sofa all year round.
Next, use Sanitas Milk & Honey Body Butter to indulge in a little massage. Rub that special someone’s shoulders with this luxurious moisturizer that’s formulated with pure honey, milk proteins and shea butter. You’ll melt away tension while soothing and revitalizing rough, tired skin.

Step Three: Have fun!

Prepare for the big night with a few fun items that will enhance in-the-moment enjoyment.

Rev up your engines with WishGarden’s Love Potion #9, filled with common herbal aphrodisiacs such as damiana leaf and passion flower leaf. An hour or so ahead of time, add a few dropperfuls of Love Potion #9 to a glass of water and enjoy its rejuvenating effects.
When you’re ready to go au naturel, use an all-natural product like Good Clean Love’s Love Oils and Personal Lubricants. Available in exciting scents such as Caribbean Rose and Indian Spice, these formulas combine essential oils with natural ingredients to create a healthy and pleasurable experience.

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