4 Ways to Warm Up Winter

Whatever weather is outside your windows, wintry days call for a warm up. Instead of just turning up the heat, try these simple ways to banish the chill.

Soothing sips
Hot drinks are an easy and comforting way to warm up. Amp up the health benefits by opting for beverages that feature Ayurvedic warming spices like ginger, cardamom, clove and cinnamon—they’ll help raise your body temperature by improving circulation. Yogi Cold Season Organic Tea blends these essential warming spices with peppermint and eucalyptus to take away the chill and uplift you without caffeine.

If wintry temps bring back fond memories of steaming mugs of hot cocoa, try Republic of Tea Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Herbal Tea. This indulgent tea combines peppermint leaves, cocoa and rooibos tea for a calorie- and caffeine-free treat. Or if trudging around in inclement weather leaves you susceptible to winter colds, try Ginger Tea Bags. In fact, studies show hot drinks provide much more relief of chills and cold symptoms than cold drinks.

Warming mineral baths
Soaking in a therapeutic mineral bath filled with essential oils like fir, juniper and eucalyptus brings speedy relief after a day spent in the cold outdoors. For the best benefit, don’t use water that’s super heated, as it may put your system in overdrive as your body tries to cool off.

Take a break and daydream about a cozy mountain retreat when you take a soak in a tub full of warming and balancing Pharmaca Ylang Ylang & Ginger Bath Salts.

Heated pillows & wraps
Snuggle up with buckwheat-filled pillows like Bucky Heart Warmer Pillow or Bucky Hottie Bodywrap to banish chills. Simply microwave them and hold them close to get soothing heat for up to 30 minutes. For winter vacations, the mini Bucky Heart Warmer Travel Size Pillow is just 5 inches across, making it easy to pack  and is a perfect take-along.

Relaxing rubs
Step up your next massage with essential oils that bring warming relief. If you like the spicy aromas of simmering mulled cider and wine, blend 2-3 drops each of Aura Cacia Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil and Pharmaca Essential Oil of Clove Bud with 4 ounces of a carrier lotion like Pharmaca Unscented Massage Lotion. Slather on and breathe deep!

If you’re seeking a little spiritual lift or sense of calmness, try massaging with Pharmaca Essential Oil of Frankincense in Jojoba, called the King of Oils frankincense has been favored for centuries for its healing and anxiety-relieving properties.