5 Tips for Glowing Skin for the Holidays

EyebrowsDon’t let lack of sunlight and holiday stress keep you from a glowing look for your holiday parties! Treat family and friends to a radiant you with a few simple tips.

Our Favorite Tips for Glowing Skin:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Winter weather has the potential to do a lot of damage to your skin. The combination of cold outside air and warm inside air can really dry out your skin and also lead to itchiness or rash. A high-performance moisturizer like Jurlique’s Rose Plus Moisturizing Cream will provide immediate hydration, as well as the antioxidants needed to help prevent premature aging. Continued use of a quality moisturizer will improve your overall skin texture and appearance.

You Really Are What You Eat

You can purchase every skin care product on the shelves, but what you put in your body can be just as important as what you put on it. First, says Beth Walker, esthetician at our downtown Boulder store, avoid junk foods and certain foods that can flush your face (i.e. red wine if you’re prone to rosacea). It’s also a good idea to pinpoint any food intolerances that may be affecting your skin (such as gluten, which can be linked to eczema, or dairy, which can exacerbate acne).

Next, make sure you’re getting vitamins and nutrients that play a big role in glowing skin. Try and incorporate more greens like spirulina and chlorophyll into your diet—it can make your skin glow! says Beth. Health Force Nutritionals makes Vitamineral Green, a greens powder that’s easy to mix with water. Nutritional oils in fish and avocado, organic coconut oil, or any other essential fatty acids can also create radiant skin.

Tune In to Toner

Toner–a key step overlooked in many women’s skin care regimens–can be vital to keeping skin glowing. With regular use, a quality toner, such as Weleda’s Refining Toner, can help guard against dry skin, balance skin tone, clear pores, reduce redness, and ultimately reduce the signs of aging and really help your skin glow.

Blemish Be Gone   

Breakouts were bad enough in middle school…who knew we would still be dealing with them as adults? Dealing with blemishes is more than just annoying; it’s a confidence killer. When applied directly to a blemish, Primavera’s Anti-Blemish Treatment will work to reduce the appearance of pores and remove excess oils without drying the skin.

Banish Dead Skin

On a cleansing level, make sure you’re exfoliating regularly. “I love Sanitas’ Glycotoner 5%, which is a wonderful way to chemically remove dead skin,” says Beth. “Use it three times a week to really brighten the skin and unblock pores. The Clarisonic facial cleansing system is another great way to get everyday exfoliation.

With less dead skin, nourishing serums will penetrate much deeper. That’s when Beth recommends evanhealy’s Argan Intensive Facial Serum or Suki’s Pure Facial Moisture – Nourishing to help heal and regenerate skin.

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