WinterHandsStruggling to maintain soft skin and strong nails in winter? Don’t fret—pretty hands are a possibility even in the driest season with these expert tips.

Get rid of dull, flaky skin.
The best and fastest path to supple hands is to exfoliate once a week with a product that sloughs away rough skin and primes our skin for treatments, says esthetician Shannon Fultz at our Greenwood Village store. We love the tropical-inspired SpaRitual Instinctual Sand Scrub that blends smoothing Bora Bora white sand and volcanic black sand with restorative argan oil to gently exfoliate and tone skin. Sugar is another great exfoliator, especially for sensitive skin; try it in Saavy Tahitian Vanilla & Kukui Sugar Scrub with nourishing Hawaiian kukui oil and soothing marshmallow extract.

Apply hand cream day and night.
Moisturizing skin throughout the day keeps our hands and nails hydrated and prevents chapping, especially in dry winter weather. During the day, reach for easily absorbed lotions, especially ones that last through multiple hand washings, like Avene Cold Cream that nourishes with slow release micro-capsules of glycerin and thermal spring water. At night, turn to rich creams that heal skin cracks and lock in moisture, like those with shea butter, says Shannon. Shea Terra Organics Nilotik Shea Butter is 100 percent pure shea butter from northern Uganda, and is rich and creamy, and full of skin-healing vitamins E and A.

Dab on cuticle oils.
Cuticles need extra attention in the winter, and cuticle oils target the nail bed and cuticle with intensive nourishment that prevents and repairs annoying hangnails. Argan oil is a particularly effective treatment since it absorbs well; Shannon recommends rubbing a few drops of Acure Moroccan Argan Oil on your nails and cuticles every night before applying your moisturizer. Or, for a super easy application (and perfect for travel), try Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen featuring neem oil that strengthens soft or brittle nails, and keeps cuticles soft and healthy.

Avoid moisture-robbing ingredients.
Be aware of ingredients that can dry skin and nails, like alcohol in hand sanitizers or sulfates in soap. Instead, look for natural botanical products that clean, sanitize and nourish skin. Cleanwell Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer Spray neutralize germs with thyme oil while softening skin with aloe vera and coconut oil. Nourish Organic Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Wash is another good winter choice, as it gently cleans and soothes hands with quinoa proteins, aloe and shea butter.

Get a biotin boost.
Biotin, a water-soluble B complex vitamin, is an ideal supplement (with proven scientific results) for repairing brittle and splitting nails, and stimulating nail and hair growth. Neocell Biotin Bursts Soft Chews are a (tasty!) customer and practitioner favorite, says Shannon. Or simply add a Pharmaca Biotin Vegetarian Capsule to your daily vitamin regimen to support healthy nails. You can also incorporate biotin-rich foods—like liver, egg yolks and salmon—into your diet for extra support.