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  • 5 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

    Jobs, kids, social activities—and everything else in our busy lives can sometimes make us feel run down. Sure, we can grab a sugar-laden coffee drink can provide a burst of energy, but the smarter choice is to turn to natural energy boosters that support our body’s ability to produce its […]

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  • Recipe: Cherry Smoothie Bowl

    With cherry season comes an abundant supply of fresh pies, jams and cheesecakes. Cherries may be most often recognized in desserts, but they’re also delicious extras in savory dishes. Try tossing them in a salad or risotto, on top of bruschetta, or even used as a glaze. Cherries are a […]

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  • Buyer’s Guide: Natural Deodorants

    Natural deodorants have come a long way in the last few years…thankfully you no longer have to sacrifice smelling good for keeping synthetic antimicrobials, chemicals and preservatives off your skin. Pharmaca now carries a variety of options that are free of the aluminum compounds and parabens that can disturb your […]