A New Line of Shelf-Stable Probiotics from New Chapter

Probiotics are great for nourishing our gut microbiome, the result of which can have far-reaching health benefits. But more strains in a probiotic supplement doesn’t always mean it’s more effective—the right combination of strains can be just as important, especially when you’re trying to accomplish certain health goals.

New Chapter’s new line of shelf-stable probiotics include clinically studied strains of targeted probiotics in the amounts you need to help fully support your gut microbiome and replenish healthy flora. Here’s more about how their blends work—together with specific herbs that can boost the probiotics’ efficacy—to help balance your gut flora and boost overall health. Here’s more about the line.

Probiotic All-Flora

Each one-daily dose of Probiotic All-Flora contains prebiotic food for the probiotics, in the form of fermented aloe powder. It also includes post-biotics, which are beneficial compounds for complete digestive system support. Additional turmeric and New Chapter’s signature herbal digestive support blend also help reduce candida overgrowth.

Mood Support Probiotic

Research has shown that the makeup of your microbiome may impact emotional health, especially since 90 percent of all serotonin—key to your mood—is produced in your gut. Studies have shown that the strains present in this formula resulted in a significant improvement in mood and a reduction in depressive feelings, anger and fatigue. The addition of passionflower, chamomile and lavender contribute to Mood Support’s ability to help calm anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Women’s Daily Probiotic

Vaginal bacterial overgrowth can cause a variety of symptoms, including vaginosis, UTIs and yeast overgrowth. Many probiotics however, when taken orally, don’t survive long enough to effectively balance the delicate vaginal microflora. Women’s Daily Probiotic features the clinically studied strains L. acidophilus La-14 and L. rhamnosus HN001, which have been shown to survive the digestive tract and flourish where you need them. The chasteberry, maca and lavender added to this formula help provide extra help for women’s unique needs.

Weight Management Probiotic

Advancing science shows a relationship between the bacteria in your gut and obesity, including the way we store fat, how we balance our glucose levels and how we respond to hormones that affect satiety. Clinical studies have shown that supplementing with the Bifidobacterium animalis ssp.lactis 420 in this formula can reduce fat mass in the abdominal region, reduce weight circumference and lower overall food intake. The addition of thermogenic herbs like green coffee bean make this probiotic a great companion on your healthy lifestyle journey.