About Project Wellness

Project Wellness is a natural health & beauty blog offering insight on a wide range of natural health topics. You’ll find information on everything from boosting brain health, empowering weight loss, tracking down the best all-natural products, to classic homeopathic remedies. 

Our wealth of natural health information is for anyone interested in an integrative approach to their health, and wants suggestions for common natural remedies for common health conditions. 

The experts at Project Wellness are dedicated to researching and interpreting the latest natural health news and information about relevant medical studies and emerging science for our readers. It’s our mission to serve as your guide so you can make the most of the latest information coming from the world of natural health. 

About Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy created Project Wellness to share its knowledge and expertise in integrative health with the wider world. Since 2000, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy has offered traditional pharmacy services alongside holistic remedies so customers can choose how they want to approach their health care. 

Our staff of certified practitioners helps guide customers through our selection of over-the-counter medications, alternative remedies, and natural cosmetics and body care products for a stress-free shopping experience.

Pharmaca has 28 locations throughout the US, including pharmacy locations and retail stores in California, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

You can also shop online anytime at www.pharmaca.com

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