All About Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics is a professional or “practitioner” brand of supplements. These products offer therapeutic doses of many vitamins and nutrients, and are found only in doctor’s or health practitioner’s offices and select pharmacies. They are also manufactured according to the strictest standards, using only the highest quality ingredients with little to no fillers.

Integrative Therapeutics has been manufacturing their supplements in this fashion for more than 30 years, and their top 50 products and their ingredients have been the subject of more than 2,500 independent, peer-reviewed and published clinical trials and studies. Here’s more about how they ensure quality in all of their products.

The B.E.S.T. standard

Integrative Therapeutics manufactures its products in a drug GMP-audited facility, meeting and exceeding the standards established for drug manufacturing. As such, Integrative Therapeutics is required to document all aspects of manufacturing, confirm product efficacy and ensure safety through rigorous testing. As the cornerstone of their commitment to quality is the B.E.S.T. standard:

  • Bioavailable: Bioavailability testing is done via dissolution and disintegration methods to ensure nutrients are released for absorption in the body.
  • Effective: Every lot of raw material must be tested to confirm identity, potency and purity, delivering trusted efficacy.
  • Safe: Safety and stability protocols ensure products retain full potency throughout product shelf-life.
  • Trusted: You can trust that each Integrative Therapeutics product is high quality, and consistent—bottle to bottle, and capsule to capsule.

Get to know some of Integrative Therapeutics’ best-selling products.

Cortisol Manager

Everyday trials and tribulations can create elevated stress hormones. But specific herbs and nutrients have been shown to help the body better respond to stress and support the body’s relaxation response. Cortisol Manager combines an effective dose of phosphatidylserine with stress-reducing ingredients and cortisol-lowering botanicals to help reduce stress hormones and relieve occasional sleeplessness.

Theracurmin HP

Historically, curcumin has been shown to encourage detoxification, provide minor pain relief and support the body’s cytokine and chemotactic response. Theracurmin HP is a novel preparation of this compound that utilizes patented technology to enhance bioavailability and dramatically increase curcumin levels in the blood. Unlike other forms of curcumin, Theracurmin is water-dispersible, meaning it dissolves quickly and maintains solubility over time. Human trials show that Theracurmin is more than 27 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin extracts.

Active B Complex

This balanced, hypoallergenic B-complex features the active forms of vitamins B2, B6, B12 and the Quatrefolic brand of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is a reduced and active form of folic acid. 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) is directly usable by the human body and thus supports healthy homocysteine blood levels.


EHB is a proprietary blend features a host of vitamins and minerals for immunity. Concentrated echinacea extracts offer targeted immune support; additional garlic possesses potent antioxidant properties, while goldenseal alkaloids support healthy immune responses. Zinc boosts immunity, helps healthy cells reproduce and protects against free radicals. And as a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C also supports healthy immune system responses.

Liquid Calcium (Citrate) with Magnesium

This tasty liquid provides a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium—ideal for those with greater dietary calcium needs—and comes in a delicious orange-vanilla flavor. Each tablespoon provides 600 mg of calcium, 300 mg magnesium in absorbable citrate form and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) for additional support. Can be taken with or without food!

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